Spring BURST ‘O FLOWERS Ball ~ for hanging!
Written by on Sunday, March 8th, 2009

s_COMPLETED Daisy Ball 2_cropped

This design is a very large ball of cheery flowers that will be “the unexpected”. Consider hanging it from a chandelier, in multiples along your front porch or suspended from the ceiling on each side of your fireplace.  I also think making 2 or more of these out of small styrofoam balls would give you the perfect size daisy balls to place on top of candlesticks.  These could then be used, in varying or same heights, along the center of a table, buffet, or simply clustered on a fireplace mantel or room accent table.  I can also picture several of these large floral balls suspended from the ceiling of a reception hall & repeated below, on tables, for the perfect Spring wedding.  You could actually use them for a wedding at any time of year by varying the flowers, i.e. roses, hydrangeas, etc…. the possibilities are endless!  I think this is one of my best designs (other than my Christmas ones, of course!) simply because of its versatility…. it will give you tons of options from year to year or for different occasions!

You will need:

8” sytrofoam ball (make sure you take your 40% off coupon with you!)
48 – 4” silk Gerbera Daisies
Apx. 30” of ½” wide ribbon (for hanging)
4 yds. of 1-1/2” wired ribbon (for bow), glue, pipe cleaner & u-shaped wire (to secure ribbon)

s_styrofoam ball and flowers_red
Begin by tying the ½”ribbon into a knot, placing it on the top-center of the ball & securing it with a “u-shaped” wire & a little glue.  Using a wire cutter, leave apx. a 3” stem on each flower (see above photo) & push each stem into the styrofoam ball. Continue covering ball with flowers. Make bow, secure with pipe cleaner & attach to top of ball at the base of the hanging ribbon.  Below are 2 photos, showing 2 slightly different looks, featuring my daisy balls suspended in front of a fireplace for spring!

Here’s a mantel designs, showing my daisy ball in use…


BONUS IDEA, from my book:

When you make your flower choice, buy a few extras for this BONUS idea.   In my book, you will see how much I enjoy recycling everyday things and (inexpensively) turning them into something special.  In this idea, you’ll see just ONE of the ways I use glass jars… here, I filled my recycled glass jar with inexpensive jelly beans (from a dollar store) and placed a couple of extra flowers, from my daisy ball creation, down into the center.  It makes an adorable coordinating centerpiece or accent to your favorite holiday figurine!

s_Fam Rm Shelf_1_e

Enjoy the Creativity!


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