Spring and Easter Outdoor “DOOR” Decoration
Written by on Sunday, March 8th, 2009

s_flower garland_full door

This decorative garland is simple to make, will look great around your front door and be the perfect accent to a spring wreath!

To determine how long your garland will need to be, measure both sides & across the top of your doorway. Add your measurements together for your garland’s finished length. Then, gather the following ingredients: spool of 8 lb. fishing line, spring silk flowers (3 different colors were used in the garland pictured above) and a low melt glue gun.

s_flower garland_closeup

DIRECTIONS: Measure a piece of fishing line (slightly) longer than your doorway’s measurement (2 sides+ the top + apx. 4”). The 4” of extra length will allow for slight shrinkage that may result from using hot glue with fishing line. Lie your length of fishing line out on a (protected) tabletop. Beginning at one end, glue your first flower to the fishing line. Then, approximately 6” from there, glue your next flower to the line and so on. Make sure you use a small line of glue (vs. a dot) along the center back of each flower to balance the weight of your blossom along the length of the fishing line. [Assembly hint: I found it was easier to put glue on the back of the flower blossom, lie it face down on the tabletop, attach the fishing line to its back and hold the line down & in place until the glue starts to cool. Hammer small, picture hanging hardware into each top corner of doorway to hang your garland on. This a simple, light-hearted & Springy way to greet your guests at Easter!

BONUS IDEAS: Wouldn’t rows of this design, hung vertically side-by-side, make an adorable full-curtain window treatment or as a sweet valance? Or, maybe a curtain & valance, i.e. white daisy valance over a yellow daisy curtain? I can just picture it in a little girl’s room! Of course, it would probably be best to use more flowers for better coverage and to create a fuller design. Also, consider exchanging the fishing line for ribbon for this idea. And finally, if you don’t want to hang this around a doorway, consider using it as a garland for your fireplace mantel or along the eaves of your house!

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  1. Haydee says:

    I’m absolutely in love with your decorating ideas. You always inspire me. Thanks!

  2. Kim says:

    Great creative ideas, thank you!

  3. LINDA TRACY says:


  4. diane says:

    Thank you so much! I was sitting here thinking now where did I see flower garland??? How much am I going to have to buy to go around the door??? Why didn’t I think of this??? Thank you for taking the time to post your ideas!! It is appreciated. I made a spring wreath of green Easter grass and white daisies yellow bow so I think something simular around the door would be very pretty. I have bouquets of pink, yellow, orange & green Gerber daisies I think I’ll use.

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