Spring Topiary ~ Perfect for Bridal Shower and Wedding too!
Written by on Sunday, March 8th, 2009

s_Gerbera Daisy Topiary_close view

There’s nothing prettier than a floral topiary for a Spring Tea, Easter Get-together, Bridal Shower or Wedding Reception!

To make this quick & easy cutie, you will need:

Apx. 2 dozen 3” (flower head measurement) silk Gerbera Daisies
Clay pot or other floral container (check clearance aisles!)
Slim branch (2-1/2 x the height of your container)
4″ (in diameter) styrofoam ball
Apx. 2 dozen tiny, silk white daisies
Faux soil product (called “Looks Like Soil”) – or – preserved moss
Additional styrofoam piece (to fit inside container) -or- Plaster of Paris

Begin by placing (instant mix) Plaster of Paris inside the container, filling it apx. 2/3 full. Place one end of your branch into the center of your container (while plaster is still wet). Hold or prop-up branch vertically until the plaster dries. When filler is dry, add a small amount of glueto other end of branch. Immediately place center of styrofoam ball over top of branch & gently push down (apx. 2”) to secure stick inside styrofoam ball. Allow to dry. In the meantime, prepare faux dirt product or preserved moss and add it to the top of the container (if you do this while the plaster is still drying, it will keep the moss or dirt in place). Allow to dry (apx. 15 minutes).  Cut the stems of each Gerbera Daisy to apx. 2″ in length.  Starting at the top center, gently push each stem into the styrofoam ball, continuing until the entire ball is covered. Hot glue the small white daisies around the base of the branch & add a silk ribbon bow under the styrofoam ball for a finishing touch. This design is beautiful to display all spring and would also make the perfect compliment to a bridal shower or wedding reception too!
s_Gerbera Daisy Topiary_far view
Here’s another version, made with live flowers –

s_spring Arrangement

Enjoy the Creativity!


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