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Bridal Shower Goodie bagAnd here is an inexpensive idea for goodies bags that can be sent home with the bridal shower guests.  You can purchase these tropical themed paper gift bags in most craft stores in quantity, which will keep your costs down.  I found the rest of the items at the Dollar Tree, except for the candies (in the tropical plastic packaging), which I found at a party supply store.   The items in the goodie bag consist of shower gel, nylon shower puff (for applying shower gel & exfoliating), a small tropical print glass votive with a candle inside and tropical scent (i.e. coconut, pineapple, etc.) Chapstick, which came in a multi-pack saving me even more money!  Once I placed the items in the hibiscus print goodie bag and added a piece of natural tissue, I tied it shut with a bow made from a couple of strands of inexpensive raffia (HINT:  print out a colorful thank you note, punch a hole in one corner of the note, thread a piece of raffia through the hole and then, feed the raffia under & through the gift bag handles and tie a bow).   In the end, each goodie bag cost me less than $5.00 and included items everyone can use.  It was the perfect budget-friendly take-home gift.

Also, if you are not a huge fan of the typical bridal shower cake or petit fours, here is a fun alternative for your tropical-themed shower.  Check your local kitchen, craft or discount store for a specialty cookie cutter in a tropically-themed shape.  In the photo below, I used a flamingo cookie shaper that I found in a discount store.  I inserted oven-safe sticks (found in craft stores) so I could display them after they were cooled , then baked them.  I tinted my frosting pink to bring my pretty pink flamingo cookies to life, along with adding clear sugar sprinkles (over the body of the flamingo) for texture.  Finally, I added in the flamingo details with black piping gel.    I filled a basket with styrofoam covered with blue plastic wrap (to simulate the water these creatures are always standing in, in real life).  Around the outside edge of the styrofoam, I inserted fern silk greenery to cover up the remaining styrofoam.  In the end, I had an adorable tropical display for my food table of which the main element (the cookies) were edible; and they were yummy!

Flamingo Cookies


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