Tropical Decorations ~ for Bridal Shower or Summer!
Written by on Friday, March 20th, 2009

Gather white candles and holders along with a white vase, many of which you may already have around the house, and place these along your mantel or table.  Mix in some tropical-themed, silk greenery along with a few silk hibiscus for a touch of color.  In the photo, you will notice that I also added sand (available in most craft stores) and shells in the bottom of the larger, glass candle holders, as a nice, textured bed to place a large candle on top of.  The final touch was simply adding some shells and scattering them throughout the display; starfish are especially nice accents!  Once all the candles are lit, you will have a beautiful focal point for your room and the perfect accent for the bridal shower.

Tropical Decoration on Mantle

Tropical Decoration on Mantle

Of course, your guests will most likely gather in the kitchen or dining room for refreshments, at some point.  Wouldn’t they be surprised to see how you carried the Bride’s “Tropical” theme in there as well! I created this look, once again, using silk greenery and florals.  I began with a garland of tropical leaves, which I secured at the top of the chandelier.  I then wrapped it around the center stem of the chandelier and secured it again at the bottom.  This gave me a base element to work with.  I tucked in silk Bird of Paradise and Hibiscus flowers as well as other tropical, silk greenery.  Then, I purchased some inexpensive paper bells and added them in to remind everyone that our special guest was our Bride-to-Be!

Tropical Bridal Shower ~ Chandelier


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