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s_EASTER_Prize Basket_Open_lighted

For the CONTENT BREAKDOWN on this basket, check out the YOUTUBE video link below.

Usually, I break our Easter Egg Hunts down by age groups and genders.  This year, we are on a tighter budget, but I refuse to give up the fun and exercise we get from such an exciting event as an egg hunt.  So, I am concentrating the available funds (small amount donated by each family or individual hunter) on one hunt with one prize… and it’s a good one!  It may look expensive, but it’s really not, especially if you have help from the rest of the family.  We’ll still have a small prize for the wee ones’ hunt too.

s_kids basket

If you enjoy celebrating with your family in fun ways, this idea and many more easy-to-do traditions are in my book.  Check it out in my store! 🙂

Also, THINK BIG when you’re decorating outside.  The HUGE eggs (in the photo below) should certainly count for a few EXTRA POINTS during your egg hunt!  Why does this photo bring to mind Jordan Almonds!??

s_Easter yard

If you find yourself enjoying my holiday decorating, please feel free to check out my book too.  Not only is it full of tried & true holiday traditions, but it also has MORE great holiday decorating.   It’s available for preview and purhase at  www.CreativeFamilyTraditions.com

Enjoy the Creativity!


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