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One of the most fun items to provide for your wedding guests is a disposable camera.   It provides them with a vehicle to participate in the fun of capturing the candid moments and special memories of your wedding ceremony and reception.

Your choices, in the marketplace, are typically “plain” disposable cameras that have a wedding graphic on them or to purchase expensive “personalized” versions from a catalog or wedding supplier.  When I saw the personalized versions from a catalog, I realized how easy it would be to replicate these.  And the wonderful benefit to making your own camera covers is that you can purchase inexpensive disposable cameras that, in the end, will look like they came from an exclusive catalog.  Below are the camera covers I designed for my niece’s wedding.  Designing her camera covers enabled me to completely customize them for her special day.

They chose a destination wedding on an island, so I simply found appropriate clip art and inserted text boxes over it to personalize the covers with their names, wedding date and my original poetry, in their honor.

My original poetry:

We’re happy you joined us for some waves, sun and sand,

and if you see something memorable on either ship or land

please use this camera to capture the moment for us

whether pre or post wedding, we won’t fuss!

Love, Lisa and Todd

I, then, printed these in sets of 4 onto medium-weight card stock paper (available at any office supply store).    Once you purchase a disposable camera, simply remove the cover it comes with and use it as your template to create a personalized version.  Design your cover, print it, cut it out (including the holes for the lens) and wrap the cover around the camera, using a glue stick to seal one end over the other.

Here is a closeup view of a single camera cover:

power point_single camera cover_new

Design/Image/Idea copyrighted by The Seasonal Home. All rights reserved.

DON’T FORGET…. placing 4 camera covers on 1 page saves paper and you can accomplish this in Powerpoint or Adobe Photoshop.

If you are enjoying my creative ideas, please feel free to check out my (als0) creative book “Creative Family Traditions and Ideas”. 



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    I love all your decorations. How can I purchase your book and where.

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