EASY (Child’s Craft) Gift for Dad on Father’s Day
Written by on Monday, June 15th, 2009



This idea was born as a Elementary School project prior to Mother’s Day.  The teacher had no funds then or prior to Father’s Day for the kids to make something special to take home to their favorite people… their parents… to honor their special day.

Of course, you can just create this sentiment and frame it, or do what I did and go to a local frame shop and ask if they have any FREE scrap pieces of foam core board or heavy matting.  Cut the donated piece into a rectangle or square.  Check the bins at discount and craft stores for very inexpensive ribbon (there’s always a roll of plaid ribbon).  Add a few strands of VERY inexpensive raffia along with a few pieces of silk greenery as well as some golf tees, etc.  You know…. match Dad’s personality or hobby.

Spell out Dad’s name on a piece of paper and ask the child to think of a word or a way to describe their father that starts with each of those letters.  Type and print it on the computer (see photo), including any misspellings, where applicable, for a touch of quaint realism.  Plus, you’ll enjoy looking back at that part for years to come.  NOTE: at the top, I typed “MY DAD” and at the bottom, I inserted “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!  LOVE, (insert child’s name) and the year” into a text box.  Then, help your child glue their trimmed (to fit) paper onto a piece of foam core board or heavy matting and embellish their sentiment by gluing a length of the ribbon around the outside of the paper, creating a “frame”.  Add your other embellishments by next, gluing them in the corners.  If you want to make this a hanging sentiment, simply punch a hole in each corner of the matting/foam board, feed each end of a cut piece of ribbon (apx. 4-6″ long) through one hole and repeat on the other side.  Knot the end of the ribbon length on the back side of the foam core, after feeding it through.  Or, check dollar stores for a fold-out easel to use as a stand, creating a desk display.

This project takes very little effort and minimal cost to accomplish, but will be treasured by Dad (and Mom, on Mother’s Day) forever because it was a descriptive sentiment expressed from their child’s heart, at a moment in time in their child’s life.  How much more precious can something be? 🙂

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