EASY Fall -to- Halloween Wreath
Written by on Thursday, September 10th, 2009

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Okay, so when you see those complicated-looking wreaths in stores, you think, “I could NEVER make that!”  Well, here’s a shortcut that may have you changing your mind and you won’t use one ounce of hot glue!

Faux Greenery wreaths should not just be reserved for Christmas; they also make a great backdrop for fall & spring too.  Just make sure your wreath has a variety of greenery, other than just pine or fir – that’s the first secret.

Next, head to a craft or super store & purchase a nicely complicated garland.  By complicated, I mean – full of many different floral elements like berries, flowers, grapevine, seed pods, fruit etc.  Just spend a little extra so you get a nice, full garland.  Make or purchase a wired-ribbon bow and decide where, on your wreath, you want to place it.  Before you attach it to your wreath, lay your garland on top of the wreath to make sure it covers the wreath’s entire circumference.   If the garland is a little longer than the wreath is round, that’s even better because it gives you excess to play with.  Starting at a point on the wreath front where you will eventually place & attach your bow, twist a couple of pieces of the wreath’s greenery around one small section on one end of your garland.  Continue tucking the garland into your wreath (moving around the circumference of the wreath) & twisting greenery pieces around it (here & there) to secure it.   Hopefully, your garland was longer than the wreath’s circumference.  If so, you can tuck the garland into your wreath in a serpentine manner, which will allow the garland to fill the wreath front better & in a more interesting manner.

Once you reach the other end of the garland (and it’s okay if the 2 ends don’t quite meet because your bow will cover that area), simply add your bow and your wreath is complete!

Check out this one that one I made for myself, using my short-cut method.  It took me 10 minutes because my beautiful and full garland did all the decorative work for me!

And when you’re ready to celebrate Halloween, just hang  a spooky sign in the center of the wreath, which is easily removable.  That way, when Halloween is over, but you still need a fall wreath on your door for Thanksgiving, your new “easy” wreath will once again be perfect!

Enjoy the Creativity!


HELPFUL HINT:  Change your bow & garland out for something more “Christmas” and your greenery wreath just became useful again, for the entire holiday season!


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  1. Joyce says:

    Great Christmas Wreath, thanks for sharing. Sure would like to see some decorations with Hallmark Ornaments in them.

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