Recycling Christmas Lights for VALENTINE’S DAY!
Written by on Friday, January 1st, 2010

Here is another FUN recycling idea!

Surely, you’ve either seen or owned a few sets of lighted Candy canes that are commonly displayed during the Christmas season.  Below is an ingenious idea for recycling them for another 45 days.  Typically, they come in a boxed set, anywhere from 3 to 6 candy canes.

s_CAndy CAne lights


If you’d like to try this double-holiday idea, purchase lighted candy cane sets with even numbers (in the set) because you will need 2 canes for each heart.   Once you have the amount you wish to use, insert the spiked ends (located at the bottom of each cane) into the ground as always (immediately next to each other), making sure the cane tops face each other, in sets of 2.  Use a rubber band, fishing line or wire to hold the top ends together (see Detail Close-up below).


s_candy cane closeup

As you can see (in the photos), you now have a row of heart shapes throughout your front yard Garden. 

When lit, you don’t notice the (candy cane) stripes any more if you purchase the canes with larger red (vs. white) stripes.

s_2010_front yard_valentine_night

Do you like this design and the other unique decoration ideas on my blog?

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Enjoy the Creativity!


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