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When it comes to choosing a pretty wreath to hang outside or in your home, normally you have 2 choices:  (1) make it yourself or (2) purchase a (typically) very expensive designer wreath.

But, I have a 3rd option (for you) that you may not have thought of.

Of course, you can make your own and theme it any way you want as I did in the 3 wreaths below, but….

s_FR_Fireplace Mantle_right

s_flower garland_full door

…. if you want the look of a custom wreath (without the expense), check out your local craft and discount home stores for one that has “potential”.  Typically, wreaths in these stores are kind of sweet (in design), but nothing special.  In that case, you may think “what’s the point (even at a good price?)”   The solution: pump up the volume of something simple by making a wreath bow out of a vibrant, coordinated color and adding it to your discount store wreath.  It will make it pop and everyone will think you worked hard creating this masterpiece.  You can equate this idea to your easiest & most highly complimented recipe ~ it always works.  All that’s left to do is hang it up and say “thank you” for all the compliments!

Below is a wreath I found for only $16.99 at Old Time Pottery, a discount home store (to check locations: www.oldtimepottery.com).  All I did was add a vibrant bow (out of ribbon also found in Old Time Pottery’s ribbon section for only $3).  When doing this, always choose a ribbon color to match the color of a smaller or less dominant flower in the wreath to bring out “that” color, which is the same process artists use to choose matting when framing artwork.  This pretty wreath is going to look beautiful on my front door this spring, for $20 and very little effort!

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