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Written by on Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Are you searching for a unique centerpiece idea for Easter?  Start with a little imagination and a fun little figurine from your own box of seasonal goodies!  And don’t hesitate to choose one of your favorites because this idea won’t damage it.

Begin with a basket (or any other handled container) as the base for your design.   I was lucky enough to find  the one I used in my design (below) at my local Home Goods store (www.Home Goods.com for store locations) – it’s an adorable, egg-shaped basket  – perfect for a centerpiece.

Next, choose your favorite Easter figurine (from your own decorations or in a store).  When deciding, consider what the artist has the figurine busy doing.  I had 2 of the same figurine (“Gathering Treats” from the Charming Tails collectible figurine line by creative artist Dean Griff)… a little mouse carrying an armload of jelly beans… so I decided that these figurines sparked my imagination enough to create a story scene around them.

s_Spring CT Display_closeup

In a dollar store, I found a small bag of glittered jelly bean ornaments, which sparked the idea that these sweet little mice could be in the process of sugaring their jelly beans to create their own sparkly Easter tree!  I purchased a small cone-shaped piece of styrofoam to add the jelly bean ornaments to and glued them on the cone base.

But, before I could put the rest of the scene together in my centerpiece, I had to fill the bottom of the container.  I added a larger piece of styrofoam, trimmed to fit inside my container and level with the bottom of the opening.  I covered the top of the styrofoam with a piece of artificial turf (from your local DIY store) before I placed it inside the bottom portion of my egg container, trimming it with tiny flowers using a low melt glue gun.

To complete the scene, I needed to create a method for sugaring the jelly beans and help tell my scene story.  I found a fashion doll lamp accessory in a dollar store and pulled off the base, which I also flowered using a glue gun, after attaching it to a spirally straw that I trimmed (most of the spiral, except 1 short curve).  Inside the base of the lamp, I added another small piece of sytrofoam and inserted clear bristles from an inexpensive hairbrush I also purchased at a dollar tree.  I added a tiny piece of floral vine to unify the lamp base & straw as one.  Then, I sprayed the whole piece with spray glue & sprinkled iridescent glitter on it.  Once I placed it into the styrofoam base (through a little slit I cut in the green turf), I had created a sugar shower these adorable figurines could  bring their

jelly beans to for a generous sparkling!

For finishing touches, I added a few of the sparkled jelly beans to a tiny wheelbarrow I hand painted (available at most craft stores). Then, I made a double-sided sign (on my computer, using clip art and a tiny font), which I printed on heavy card stock, cut-out and hung inside the top portion of the basket (from tiny chains, rescued from a cheap key chain) to create more detail in my scene.  Finally, I also added some color-coordinated silk flowers (low melt hot-glued) to the top of the container and my scene was complete.   This took apx. 1 hour to make and was a big hit and the following year, it served another purpose because I donated it to a deserving, non-profit organization for their Spring fund raiser.

I’m sure your creation will make an adorable centerpiece for your Easter gathering too!

s_Spring CT Display_full

Enjoy the Creativity!


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