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It seems like many builders are putting homes closer & closer together, to save acreage, without a single thought to privacy issues or placement of roof junk (as I call it).  It’s not my fault, nor my neighbors, but I still don’t want to look at the mess our builder left in my line of sight.   Unfortunately for me, it’s right outside MY kitchen window!  If only builders would put a little thought into window views (between homes) before placing outdoor eyesores, like the power line wiring, venting, etc., in this line of sight.  I’m sure this could all be resolved during the planning stage, but it probably never even crosses their radar. So, if you’re like me and stuck with one of these “eyesore” views, from one of YOUR windows, I have an inexpensive solution for you!

Below is a typical view of some “house junk”.  It’s located on the outside of my neighbor’s house, which is visible from one of my windows (yeah!):

Lovely View… right? Not quite!

My solution for this problem (at my home)  included an inexpensive wrought iron garden arbor. The one used here was only $99 at K-Mart (a discount dept. store) and believe it or not, it’s very sturdy. I placed it between my property fence and window (with the lovely view of the neighbor’s “house junk”), directly in the line of view from my window.  Then, I pulled some of the neighbor’s established Jasmine vine (with their permission) on to the arbor to get it started.  However, you can also place a planter on each side of the arbor and fill it with a quality potting soil and climbing vine plant of your choice.  The Jasmine vine took off like crazy and covered this arbor in no time at all.  I also added a glass-topped, wrought iron table below the arbor, with a couple of stone Garden Angels and flowering plants (on top) to create a cozy, shaded garden look, which also gives purpose to the vine-covered arbor.

Now, looking out (from my window), all I see is green serenity, which means I solved another problem for a very small price.  Yeah, chalk one up for creativity! 🙂

The “NEW VIEW”… ahhh, MUCH better!


  1. kevin says:

    you should see my neighbors house i got you beet by a mile!!!!!!

  2. kevin says:

    but you did a good job hiding your neighbors crap

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