It’s a LEMON-y, LIME-y Summer!
Written by on Friday, June 18th, 2010

It’s a fact that “Summer” is the longest (holiday) season of all.  So….. why not place a few inexpensive summer accents around the room you inhabit the most (at this time of year)?

In my case, it’s the kitchen & dining room area, where I’m constantly whipping up pitchers of cool summer beverages and tasty snacks to feed the troops.  To me, Lemons bring back such a nostalgic feeling and memories of my first lemonade stand, so I decided to surround myself with this theme to keep a hot summer light & fresh.  Also consider other citrus fruits… like oranges or pineapples!

[If you like this black & white look, but haven’t found any curtains or valances like mine, there’s a good reason.  I wanted to “freshen up” my black & white toile accents for summer so I looked for a valance that had a more young & contemporary pattern… perfect for summer!  Of course, you can never find what you’re looking for if you look in the NORMAL spots, so I started checking ALL the (Home Dept.) clearance sections of every store I went in to.  Finally… EUREKA!  I found some clearanced (teen) sheets in K-Mart.  This set was an off brand and was marked down to $10!  I only needed the top flat sheet to make 2 valances (1 not shown) for my kitchen area.   I sewed them, using my basic straight sewing skills and a little black ribbon trim.    However, you could use self-stick sewing tape and create this adorable valance with no sewing machine at all.  Total investment: $15 for two (2) cute & contemporary valances… yea!  I hope you find a cute pattern too. 🙂

Real and faux Lemons and Limes encircle a vase of fresh yellow, white and green summer flowers. Placing your vase (and fruit) on top of a cake plate adds another level of interest to your arrangement!

Keep your counter or tabletop accessories simple so your lemon and or lime accents really POP!

Don’t forget side areas in the room! Just look at how this small lemon wreath alongside a few (faux) lemon and lime accents adds that Summer-y touch to this Key West print.

Simply adding a small wreath of lemons around an everyday shelf accent extends my Summery theme into this cabinet display.

Keep accent furniture (around the room) in mind as you complete a summer theme in your home. Here, I tucked in a “lime” green pillow (see black bench) for the perfect final touch!

Enjoy the Creativity!



  1. adam says:

    Hi there,

    Wonderful decorating ideas. I am surprised you don’t have lots of comments on your website. I actually found your site through youtube. I have searched that place high and low for great decorating ideas and come up short on great ideas. I very much enjoy all your decorating tips. I think a great way to spread your work around more is to have a facebook group or twitter page. Again, great stuff….I am going to get your book in the future.

    • seasonalhome says:

      Thanks so much for the suggestions and your compliments! I will check into that. And MANY thanks for spreading the word about my book too… I appreciate it! :^)

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