Chandelier Wreaths (for Fall & Christmas)
Written by on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

It’s so much fun to create the “unexpected” when I’m decorating for the holidays or seasons, and my guests love it too!

To create this “unexpected” look, make sure you choose a wreath that is light in weight.  This will be the one time you will WANT to check out the inexpensive wreaths because they are usually lightweight.  I cut 3 or 4 lengths of (non-wired) ribbon and tie them (in a knot) to the back side of the wreath, spacing them apart equally.   Then, I simply gather the other ends of the ribbon and intertwine them (through the chandelier chain) near the top of the chandelier.  I, then, tie them in a knot or use a pipe cleaner (extra ribbon or floral wire) to secure them to the top of my chandelier.  Finally, make a couple of bows and use those to hide the “knotted” mechanics, by placing them over this area on both the front & back.

Here is the fall version:

s_halloween kitchen wreath

And here is a Christmas version.  NOTE that, in this version, I’ve added extra greenery, ornament balls and ribbon.  I’ve also used it to display my collection of Angel ornaments.  So let this design pull double duty for you, to highlight a grouping of ornaments as well.

Close-up, highlighting an ornament collection

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Below is a preview and thank you, in advance, for your support! 😀



  1. Dawn says:

    Love this idea Eileen….

    Going to use it with a wide wreath on a ceiling fan…. No worries, I’ll make sure the fan doesn’t get used! lol.. -Dawn

    • Eileen says:

      That’s a very creative idea Dawn! Good luck & feel free to share photos on our Facebook Community Page. Thank you for sharing your idea, Eileen

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