Early request for a little CHRISTMAS!
Written by on Thursday, August 19th, 2010

I’m involved in a club that supports the year-round needs of a local homeless shelter.  The money to do this is raised through raffles (at our meetings) & the raffle items are provided by our sponsors, which are local Hallmark stores.

To thank them for their support, I frequently design store displays for any ornament collections they would like to feature.  I had an early call for a CHRISTMAS design this past month from one store because their ornament display went up in July.   I think my design is very versatile, so I thought it would be nice to share it with my readers.  Feel free to tweak it to meet your own decorative needs.  And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

The request was for a design that would feature a group of 5 Hallmark miniature ornaments.  The ornament set is part of the 2010 Hallmark line.  Each ornament is less than 2″ tall and, as a group, they are called “Peanuts on Ice”.  The Peanuts characters are all on blocks of ice, which was my inspiration for the tree design.

To make the main highlight in the design (the miniature skating ponds), I purchased a package of five 2-1/2″ (diameter) mirrors at Hobby Lobby (www.craftsetc.com).  I added plain, white glue around the outside edge (of each mirror) and coated the glue in clear (iridescent) glitter.  Once dry, I used a low melt glue gun to adhere the mirrors to different tree branches, spacing them out evenly.  You could also, however, glue a (gator-style) metal clip to the bottom of the mirror and use that to hold each individual mirror in place on their respective tree branches.  After I decorated the tree and added my mirrors, I hung the 5 miniature Peanuts character ornaments, each on a branch right above the center of a mirror.  I hope you can use this idea too!

[CLICK on any photo to view an enlarged version]

You could easily use this tree design for a collection of penguins, polar bears, snowmen, etc. ornaments.  And although the tree I decorated was only 2 feet tall (so it would properly fit into the Hallmark store display), don’t let that hold you back from enlarging this idea and using larger mirrors on a larger tree.  It’s all about scale, so if you use larger mirrors, simply create larger scenes!

Here are a few other designs I’ve come up with, in the past, to help Hallmark promote their products and a few designs I created as fundraisers for a Seeing-Eye Dog Not-for-Profit Organization:



s_window series 1

Collector’s Club Members Ornament Series “The Windows”

s_Peppermint & Food Theme_inside

Peppermint & Food Themed Wreath

s_Hall Wreath_full_low

Hall Family Ornament Collection spotlighted in a “Partridge in a Pear Wreath” theme


Animated Gingerbread House and mini Gingerbread Santa/Reindeer Set

s_Toymaker Santa Wreath_closeup_final

Table Centerpiece featuring “Toymaker Santa” Music Box and Ornament Series

halloween pumpkin scene_full_s

Pumpkin featuring “Charming Tails” figurine by Artist Dean Griff, to raise funds for a seeing-eye dog organization

s_ct Fair_full_sun

Country Fair Scene featuring “Charming Tails” figurine by Artist Dean Griff, to raise funds for a seeing-eye dog organization

s_Spring CT Display_full

Egg featuring a “Charming Tails” figurine by Artist Dean Griff, to raise funds for a seeing-eye dog organization

If you are enjoying my blog and creative ideas, please check out my book and Christmas Decorating DVD, located in my SHOP and thank you, in advance, for your support! :- ) 

Here’s a small sample of the DVD:

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