Early CHRISTMAS Project
Written by on Thursday, August 26th, 2010

As you’ve seen in my book CREATIVE FAMILY TRADITIONS AND IDEAS, I am a HUGE fan and proponent of making memories, especially if you can make family members feel “special” in the process.   And since there are only 4 months (from today) until Christmas, here’s an idea (I came up with) that brings my philosophy to life.  I thought sharing it with you now would give you plenty of time to gather the photos, you will need, to display.

In late October, when Christmas decorations begin to appear in the discount (mart) stores, keep an eye out for “frame” style ornaments or gift tags (like the ones in the photo on right).   Typically, they only cost around $1.00 each.  If you can’t find any, purchase simple silver frames (always in stock at the Dollar Tree).    Whichever you choose, purchase enough (of the frames or frame-ornaments) to display a photo of each of your children (even the 4-legged ones… LOL) and maybe yourself and your significant other.  Then, add them to a wreath or a Christmas tree to personalize your holiday decor.  Below are 2 example wreaths that I made… one in a snowy theme and one that’s a very whimsical theme (I donated this wreath, so there are no photos in the frames).  Click on the photos for a closer look.  You can also use this idea on a garland, as I did in my book, mixing them in with some other very special commemorative family ornaments to create the same look I did.

My favorite time I used this idea, however, was to make some members of my extended family (the adult nieces and nephews), as well as my own adult children, feel special.  I chose to use silver frames and hung them on a 4-foot, flat-backed, wall tree.  With the help of my siblings (their parents), I gathered photos, of each of my nieces and nephews as well as my children, taken when they were very young, at Christmastime.  I placed one photo inside each of the frames and hung them on the tree, using pieces of red, satin ribbon, tied into a bow after slipping it underneath the frame stand to create a pretty ornament hanger.  That Christmas, I was the family hostess and didn’t say a word to any of my children, nieces or nephews about the “special” memory tree I had created.  It was so sweet when the first one of them realized their photo was on the tree.  Immediately, there was a rush to the tree, with everyone looking for their framed photo memory.  They LOVED my tribute to them and I sent each of the frames home with, their respective owner (as a holiday party favor), from me to them.  The memory of their excitement gives me warm fuzzies every time I think about it.  That is exactly why making memories will always be the most important thing I do in my life.  I’ve shared more of these type of ideas in my book.  Please check it out for yourself or when you need a special & original gift.

Enjoy the Creativity!


CLICK on PHOTO for a closer view of my wreath’s details

CLICK on PHOTO for a closer view of my wreath’s details

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