Jack Stacks! Adding a “Cute Spook” to your Garden Urns
Written by on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Anyone who’s been reading my blog over the past 2 years knows how much I enjoy recycling

and re-purposing decorative accents.  And here’s another goodie!

I have these awesome, inexpensive styrofoam planter urns that I have always used during the Christmas Holidays.

This year, instead of waiting for Christmas, I decided to re-purpose my garden planter urns with a Halloween look.

First, I removed my Christmas wreath and over-sized ornament ball from the urn.

[If you like this look and can’t find an over-sized ornament like mine, use a gazing ball]


Then, I placed a Fall wreath on top.

Added a few pieces of styrofoam (recycled from a package I received in the mail) to the center of the urn to fill in &

provide a place on which to rest my stack ‘O Jack-o-lanterns.

Finally, I placed my lighted Jack-o-Lanterns inside the center of the wreath,

resting them on top of the styrofoam and the transformation was done!

I turned a Christmas planter urn design into a Fall/Halloween one, with very little effort, doubling my decorating dollar.

My pumpkins are made out of mesh, stretched over a wire frame.  They’re becoming more & more popular because of their bright, reflective ability, when lit.  Also, they are open, on the bottom of each, for easy stacking.  However, if you want to use craft pumpkins to create this look, simply use a craft knife to remove a portion of the  bottom of each pumpkin you stack above the bottom one (it is not necessary to cut an opening in the bottom one).  This will not only flatten their bottom (for easier stacking) but will also provide an opening for insertion (of the top) of the pumpkin underneath.

Hot gluing them together would also add additional stability between your stacked pumpkins.

I could also picture tall, glittered, lit branches in the center of the wreath.  It would be easy to keep them in place, by adding the styrofoam deeper inside the planter to anchor them in.

Enjoy the Creativity!



  1. Peggy says:

    I love, love, love it. How cute can that be!!! And I love your 16 year old Puppy!!!

  2. Robin Wells says:

    Hi Eileen: Love the Jack O’Lantern idea – I have some empty flower pots so I can use your idea. Love the newsletter – keep it up. TC, Robin

  3. Debbie says:

    Thanks again for sharing! I can’t believe what wonderful ideas you come up with. Could you share what stores you get your ornaments and decorations from? Looking forward to your next ideas!

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