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Personally, I think today’s tough economy has given rise to this new trend I stumbled upon.

Let’s face it, families are struggling and therefore, stores are struggling, so people are looking for easy and inexpensive escapes into fantasy-filled things like movies, video games, etc.; basically, anything that creates an imaginary world away from their troubles.  My guess is that a very creative and smart store owner, in a small town somewhere, may have come up with this small touch of fantasy, to lighten the mood of their store guests. What a great idea…. to begin a shopper’s experience, by creating a whimsical mood, right outside their store’s front entrance!

Just imagine yourself approaching a storefront and noticing a tiny, little door, somewhere on a wall, near the store’s entrance. You know this miniature, out-of-place oddity would catch your attention!  Immediately, your mind begins to wander to a happy, trouble-free place.  Although the thought only lasts for a brief moment, you imagine a tiny fairy sneaking in the store, while no one’s looking, via her very own private entrance. Automatically, a smile that begins in your mind, ends up on your face and viola’, the proper mood is set (by the store owner). You’re in the right frame of mind to shop because now, you think of this particular store as a magical place full of creativity and whimsy, ready for you to explore and find a tiny, inexpensive treasure (of your own) to take home and enjoy. Here’s a photo I found (on the internet) of a store owner who did just that:

And now that you have seen how adorable this creative idea is, allow me to inspire you to create one of your own, by showing you how inexpensive and easy it is!

The first and main thing you will need is an unfinished doll house door.  They are inexpensive (around $10) and available in many places, i.e. craft stores, miniature shops and on the internet on websites like www.ebay.com.  I am suggesting that you purchase an unfinished door so you can paint it any color you want.   In my case, I went with green to coordinate with my own front door, like any southern fairy would! (LOL)  In actuality, I painted mine green because I plan to redecorate it for each season and green goes with everything.  Also, if you want to keep your expenses low and also make things easy on yourself, purchase a door without a window as this will avoid the need for curtains.

Because I was decorating my fairy door for Halloween, I simply used a piece of orange tissue paper ( with a spider & spider web design, recycled from a gift I received) as a curtain.  I taped  it to the back side of the door and I was done… so easy!  I also glued one-half of a clothing snap (from my sewing kit – $0) to the left of the door, to simulate a doorbell.  Then, I found a door handle and key at a craft store (Hobby Lobby) for apx. $3.  I glued the door handle on the door and laid the key on the front porch.

If your door doesn’t come with a front porch (stoop), it’s very easy to create one.  Mine didn’t come with one, so I purchased a very inexpensive strip of balsa wood (less than $2), cut it to fit, glued it to the underneath side of the bottom of my door and painted it.  Creating a front porch is important because that is where things (your fairy collects) are displayed to stimulate your guest’s imaginations.

On the front porch, I placed:

NOTE: I hung my door on my brick (housefront) with a BRICK CLIP, easily found in the hardware depts. of stores



This project took me a couple of hours to create and the process was very simple.  The most important fact is that I thoroughly enjoyed the escape into creativity that this project provided for me.  And for around $20, I will enjoy treating my family and friends (as the store owner above did) to some imaginary fun.  I can’t wait to stir their imaginations, on Hallow’s Eve and throughout every season and holiday.  I’ll be adding more photos to this posting, as each season approaches and my door designs are complete, but for now, here’s the finished product for Fall/Halloween:

Here’s my fairy door for the Christmas holiday:

These doors are the cutest when you place them near the floor. However, I have a very curious young child that lives next door to me and would love to rearrange this for me if he could reach it, so I simply placed it higher (LOL).

You may also want to check out my Fairy Garden! 🙂

Enjoy the Creativity



  1. Debbie says:

    Oh Eileen what a cute idea! My mother use to tell me stories all the time about fairies and gnomes and elves. And now with the Disney movies about fairies you can get so many ideas how to decorate. There all kinds of gnomes. House gnomes, barn gnomes, tree gnomes,field gnomes, all around us. I have a book all about their lives. The gnome house would be on the ground kind of off by it’s self. I’m surprised you put your fairy door right next to your door. Fairies are so secretive. Thanks for the great ideas. I look forward to your emails.

  2. seasonalhome says:

    Thanks Debbie. You’re right… I wanted to put it down low, but I have an adorable little boy who lives next door and likes to visit my decorations and even rearrange them sometimes. So, I had to choose my location carefully (LOL)

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