Thanksgiving Tablecloth “makes memories!”
Written by on Saturday, November 20th, 2010

This idea, for a new family tradition at Thanksgiving, will bring tons of memories rushing back each year that it’s brought out.  And even better… it’s very simple to do.

To begin:  purchase a new, light-colored tablecloth and some permanent markers, in Fall colors.  After you set your table, for Thanksgiving dinner, scatter the pens across the length (of the table) so everyone can reach them.  Encourage your family and guests to write a personal note, which they should also sign and date.  Suggest that they write something like:

As the messages accumulate, from year-to-year, your family and invited guests will thoroughly enjoy re-visiting their own past  notes, and those of everyone else, as they each add a new one for the current year.  Your inexpensive Thanksgiving tablecloth will become a true time capsule and a treasured keepsake to pass down through the family for years!  A final thought… be sure to place a liner under the tablecloth or sheet to protect your table from marker residue.

Personally…. I’m grateful for all of my wonderful readers and for the overwhelming response I received to my DVD release… thank you all for your support!

Happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy the Creativity!



  1. A says:

    How do you wash this thanksgiving tablecloth and preserve the writing for future years?

    • seasonalhome says:

      If you use “permanent markers”, what is written will not wash out. Just make sure they say that before you purchase. Have fun with this tradition and Merry Christmas! :- )

  2. I love that idea, Eileen!

    Do you have pictures of Thanksgiving tablescapes? We have been doing a buffet for years but our tables are always lacking……..could be we have so much food on them…….LOL! This year, however, we are going with a more simple, yet elegant menu so we want our table to be that way as well……….any suggestions you have, I know, will be awesome!!!

    Thanks, Eileen!!!

  3. Betty Robinson says:

    Love your ideas!!!

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