Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea
Written by on Sunday, December 19th, 2010

When I wrap a gift, I love to add embellishments for a finishing touch and I enjoy creative re-purposing in this area too!  So, keep this idea in mind when you’re in a store, after Christmas, and you come across any singular ornaments, hanging by their lonesome, at 90% off.    As long as it’s a flat-backed ornament, it will work, so….  BUY IT! 🙂

Here’s how I like to use a flat-back ornament to finish my gift wrap design:

STEP ONE – Wrap your present, in gift wrap paper, as you normally would.

STEP TWO – Cut a length of ribbon, long enough to fit around your package, with a little extra.

STEP THREE – Put a piece of tape on the wrapping paper, where the ribbon ends will meet, on the front of the package.

Using a low-melt, hot glue gun, add 1 or 2 dots of glue (add it to the center of the tape, to protect the package).

STEP FOUR –  While glue is still warm, place one end of your ribbon over it.  Add a second spot or two of glue on top of the ribbon end you just glued.  Again, while the glue is still warm, quickly bring the remaining length of ribbon around the back and sides of your box and place the other end of the ribbon over the top of the first ribbon end.  Now, both ends of your ribbon should be joined at the front of your gift box. 

STEP FIVE – Tape down the ornament hanger to the back of the ornament, in a couple of spots.

STEP SIX – Add a touch of hot glue on top of both pieces of tape and while still warm, attach the ornament back to the gift front, over the area of the ribbon where you joined it together.  It makes the cutest finishing touch to your gifts.  And once the gift recipient removes the tape on the back, they can hang it on their tree.  This is especially nice if you choose an ornament you can personalize with their family name(s), like the one shown above.

Don’t want to purchase an ornament, even at 90% off?  Then, consider recycling the fronts of all of those beautiful holiday cards you receive.  If you choose ones that have blank areas, on which you can write with an ink pen, you can even add a holiday sentiment or turn it into a TO and FROM gift tag!   This idea is perfect for those of you who ship gifts because there is no bow to get crushed.  Also, think about using this idea at other times of the year.  A seed packet in the spring or summer, that becomes something they can plant, etc…. you get the idea… it should match the season, holiday, occasion or compliment the gift in some way.  Have fun!

Enjoy the Creativity!


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  1. Barbara Reiser says:

    Awesome idea! Thanks bunches Eileen!

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