Turning Christmas into New Year’s Eve!
Written by on Sunday, December 26th, 2010

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Sometimes, it can feel so sad once the excitement of Christmas has come and gone. 🙁  But, that’s why planning a New Year’s Eve get-together can be essential!  I know…. I know… we’re all tired.  So, the thought of putting up any “special” decorations for New Year’s Eve is not a welcome one.  However, if you can find just enough energy to remove “only” the decorations from your tree and garland, you will be one step closer to creating a  festive New Year’s Eve decor for your party! 

Below, you will see how I removed all the red & green “Christmas” colors from my garland and then, added in gold, silver and black as well as a few clear star ornaments. Then, I tucked foil “star” sprays in the corners in between a couple of party hats, and placed HAPPY NEW YEAR light covers (from the party store) over a few of the lights.  [NOTE: Typically, these light covers come with a strand of 10 miniature lights and are removable – be sure to verify this before leaving the store.  Remove them from their original light strand and place them over a few lights in your existing garland, spacing them out evenly.]

Next, gather any clocks you have around the house and place them on the mantel and set at least one of them to eastern standard time (EST).  For some extra fun…  if you have any guests from another state or country, set the other clocks to their time.

Finally, [not pictured] remove the ornaments from your Christmas tree & add the same black, silver & gold ornament combination, with foil star sprays as a topper and a 3-yard piece of gold or silver lame’ fabric as a tree skirt.  Check your tablecloth supply (before you purchase fabric) to save money, because you may have a  bling-y one that would make a perfect tree skirt! And to save money on decorations, simply blow up gold, silver, black & clear balloons to evenly and gently tuck (between branches) throughout your tree for a less expensive decorating option!

And if you have time, use your computer as a source for extra decorations as well as a small party activity.  In a word document, use “Auto Shapes” to create several tags.   Add the phrase “My Wish for the New Year…” in a text box (at the top of the tag).  Print and cut-out the tags and punch a hole in one end so you can thread a ribbon through it.  Hand one to each of your New Year’s Eve party guests, as they arrive and ask them to (annonymously) write their New Year’s wish (for themselves, someone else or the world) on their tag and tie it on the tree, sometime during the evening.  Going through this little bit of extra effort is a great way for you to help them reinforce their wish for the new year! ss_wish tag

Also, if you have the extra funds to purchase a dozen helium-filled balloons, they would be beautiful split into two sets of 6 and placed on each end of your mantle, for a little additional height!

s_new year Fireplace

Enjoy the Creativity!


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  1. Hey there … you’re absolutely right in that it can be a bit sad taking Christmas down. The build up for it is always so fun … then, before you know it, it’s over! I LOVE how you’ve created a New Year’s garland to keep the party going. And, the addition of clocks is such a great idea! As always, thanks for sharing your fabulous tips. I sooo enjoyed your video tour … your home truly is a Christmas wonderland. I can only imagine how long it must take you to take decorate. Love it!

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