A Different Flower for a Valentine Wreath
Written by on Saturday, January 15th, 2011

My bet is –  you’re like me and have never thought of daisies as a Valentine’s Day flower.  But, check out this this adorable wreath I found at one of my favorite local stores and I think you will be convinced that they DO go great with the season of hearts!   Sorry, this store doesn’t ship, but just look at how easy it would be to make this yourself!  All you would need is a styrofoam or grapevine wreath… round or heart-shaped… some pink, white and red Gerbera daisies and a little Valentine themed ribbon.  You can either cut the flower stems, leaving enough to push into a styrofoam wreath form or simply hot glue them on to the wreath.  My only suggestion would be to first draw (on newspaper or kraft paper) a duplicate of  your wreath form and lay out your flower pattern on that.  Then, transferring the flowers to the actual wreath will go quickly, without any “oops”.

Also, if you don’t glue them and choose a round-shaped wreath, think about other possible color combinations, for upcoming seasons.   If you choose the flower colors shown here (for Valentine’s Day), maybe for spring  ~  you could remove the red flowers and add another pastel color to the pink and white… like yellow.  Then, for summer, put the red back & pop it with  bright yellow and/or orange daisies.  Moving on to fall, keep the red & orange, adding in a few cream-colored ones.  You get the idea – with a few simple changes and a new “seasonal” ribbon, you could end up with a nice perpetual wreath!

Enjoy the Creativity!


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  1. Tammy says:

    This is such a good idea. What local store did you find this one at? I may have the same store in my area. If so, I could buy one and not have to make it. I love all of your ideas and pictures. You have inspired me to decorate more and be creative. Thank you so much.

  2. Oh how absolutely fresh, bright and cute!

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