Christmas tree becomes Valentine cutie!
Written by on Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

More and more at Christmastime, I love to create decorations that are more versatile… for other seasons or holidays.  I’ve found that small changes still create the same JOY ( in my home) during other holidays, but with much less effort!

This idea is a prime example.  For Christmas, I placed my tabletop, white, feather tree in a black container (found at Home Goods).  The container has a white, winter scene painted on the front.  To the tree, I added small black glittery ornaments, a star tree topper and completed the look by adding lime green (ornament) accents.  As I was creating this decoration at Christmas, I already had plans to re-purpose it for a sweet, quaint Valentine’s Day decoration.

To re-purpose my Christmas decoration into a Valentine cutie, all I did was remove the lime green ornaments and replace them with some inexpensive ($1.49 ea. from Hobby Lobby) black, shatterproof heart ornaments that have hot pink, glittery accents, which I hung on the tree using hot pink, satin ribbon.  I kept the black, glittery ornaments on the tree and also added a touch of the hot pink ribbon to the black & white checked ribbon at the top of the tree.  Then, I moved that bow up to the top of the tree (to replace the star tree topper).   Finally, I spun the winter scene-side of the container to the back so it was no longer visible.  Next week, when I have a moment, I might add a little gift bag shred, in a hot pink color, to the base of the tree to bring out my new accent color even more.  As you can imagine, I am already thinking of how I will transform my little feather tree for Easter, but in the meantime…. here’s the end result… for Valentine’s Day:


  1. Hey there! I LOVE all of your cute Valentine touches. The red pops are so fun! You really do know how to creative a fun and festive home year ’round, don’t you?! Thanks for sharing! *Becca*

  2. seasonalhome says:

    Thanks Becca! 🙂

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