Flower Cones ~ Buy OR Make!
Written by on Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

On a recent shopping trip to Pier One, I spotted these adorable flower-filled, paper cones beautifully accenting the back of one of their gorgeous patio chairs.

s_flower cones chair

I immediately fell in love with how fresh, pretty and decorative they were and could picture them on the back of a chair for – Valentine’s Day, a Spring Tea , Easter celebration or Summer get-together.

s_flower cones_closer        s_flower cones_closest

I could also see different versions (see photos) of these at a kid’s Halloween party with take-home treats,  Thanksgiving as a vertical horn of plenty or with Fall flowers & tiny pumpkins and finally,

at Christmas, full of peppermint or any other holiday goodies.

          If these Pier 1 cuties match your look or decor, as well as your budget ($9.95 each), then by all means, head to Pier One and make your purchase! However, if you want this look, but want to customize it (for another season)  or  have too large of a family gathering to justify purchasing  a large quantity, you can make a similar version by creating a pattern (found on the internet) or for an even quicker approach:

1. Gather sheets of pretty, patterned scrapbook or plain pastel card stock paper and punch 2 (either vertical or horizontal) holes in one corner.

2. Cut a length of think ribbon the length you will need to thread it through the punched holes and around your chair back, in a bow.

3 & 4. Roll your paper into a cone shape and staple it in the back (where it won’t show).  Neatly trim off any excess paper that shows. [hint: if you take this cone shape apart afterward, you can then use it for a pattern].

5 & 6. Add any ribbon or other embellishments to the cone or simply trim it in a unique way around the top rim.

7. When done, fill it with a complimentary fresh or silk flower, shells, candy, specialty tea bags and a tea bag press, cosmetic samples… you name it… just use your imagination!

8. Use the threaded ribbon to attach your cone to the back of a chair, on a Christmas tree, from a chandelier… wherever your need is… here’s a review of the steps in photos:

s_flower cone_hm

Enjoy the Creativity!


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