Valentine “Memories” Wreath
Written by on Saturday, February 12th, 2011

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Often, I am invited by different groups of young Moms to speak about the importance of practicing family traditions (the subject of my book).  This week, the group I spoke to also asked me to help them create a memorable Valentine’s Day wreath… one that would mean something, for years to come.

I purchased a 24″ foil, heart-shaped wreath and several small, silver frames (see bridal section of any craft or party store).  In each of the frames, simply add family (and pet) photos and attach them to the wreath, using red pipe cleaners twisted around the frame stand and then, the wreath frame.  You might also consider adding a favorite family “saying” if you want to add an additional frame.  My favorite – “Family is a gift, wrapped in sweet memories and trimmed in LOVE” valentine memory wreath_left_tsh

valentine-memory-wreath_center1-150x150Then, I found “foamie” hearts that had a filigree edge, which allowed me to use fishing line to suspend it in the center of the wreath, by tying 4 pieces to the heart and also, to the wreath frame.  I also purchased a box of “foamie” self-adhesive embellishments, including alpha letters, which we added to the “foamie” heart before hanging it into the center of the wreath.

This “personalized” Valentine’s Day wreath turned out to be a very memorable design that can be updated (with new photos) as the years go by.  I also suggested they could add some  individually wrapped chocolate kisses (maybe one week’s worth) to the wreath (using small dabs of hot glue to lightly attach them), which can be removed, each day, as a Valentine’s Day countdown.

valentine memory wreath_full


Enjoy the Creativity!



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