Bird Watching in my Springy Foyer!
Written by on Friday, March 4th, 2011

Old Man Winter has FINALLY left Florida and the birds have arrived!  Every day, I have the pleasure of watching them out in my garden, splashing in the bird bath.  They are so funny because when there’s not enough water, they just sit there as if to say “Hey Decorator Lady… you’re falling down on the job!”…  like our resident, Daddy Cardinal…

cardinal in birdbath.jps_g

and here is Momma Cardinal…

s_Mama Cardinal in Orange Tree2

I’m so happy they chose a nearby tree to build their little nest in, but I felt absolutely honored & privileged when I got to witness their babies arrive.  Last year, I got lucky (while Mom and Dad were out gathering food) and had my camera with me at the perfect time; I caught these new baby Cardinal’s chirping away, wondering where their food was.

s_Baby Cardinals in nest_2 up 1 down

So, with my neighborhood full of fancy fliers, I was completely inspired to create my own version of  nature’s aviary (in my foyer) for Spring this year.

And here are a few photos, of that creativity, for you to enjoy:


s_Foyer_nest sign n wreath

s_foyer_house and birds

s_Foyer_from bottom





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