Handmade “SPRING” Candle Topper
Written by on Monday, March 14th, 2011

When you’re buying a candle for yourself or giving it as a gift, it’s always a nice touch to also purchase a pretty, seasonal candle topper, like the adorable bunny-bear themed one shown here.  They’re popular because they look so much nicer (than a plain lid) on top of a candle jar, when it’s sitting out on the counter and not in use.  But, they can be pricey and in the current economy, it’s always fun to find another option that is less expensive.  Here is one you can try or use for inspiration to create your own idea.

This idea is so easy!  Using a hot glue gun or super glue (that works on glass or whatever material your candle lid is made out of), simply glue 3 silk flowers (daisies were used in this example) on top of the jar candle lid.  If the candle is going to be a gift, add some colorful, curling ribbon that can be removed by the recipient later and you won’t even need to wrap it!  Cost: around $1.00 vs. a store-bought, seasonal candle topper (apx. $12-$20).  I’m sure you will think of other ideas that also work and will be just as festive.  Happy Creativity!

Enjoy the Creativity!


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