Wedding Reception Gift Box
Written by on Friday, May 20th, 2011

If you’ve ever shopped for a pretty box to use at a wedding reception, for holding cards with cash & gift cards inside, you’ll notice that most of them open quite easily.

Leaving the box exactly the way it came, when placing it on a table at the reception location, simply creates a dangerous temptation to peek inside.  I’ve heard terrible stories where complete strangers, who happened to be walking through the reception site, have emptied these boxes.

Recently, my friend’s son was getting married and she also realized the potential danger of leaving this box open and unattended at the reception, so I offered to help resolve it.   Together, we found a satin ribbon that matched the bridal colors and a self-adhesive initial that represented the bridal couple’s married (last) name.  While the box was closed, I used my low melt hot glue gun to attach a pre-measured, length of ribbon around the entire circumference of the box, making sure it covered the seam of the box opening.  Then, I simply added the self-adhesive initial to the front.  Now, the box was secure and when the happy couple was ready to look at their cards, all they had to do was remove the ribbon!  And just look at how much prettier the decorated version looked, on the reception table:

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  1. Roger Teller says:

    Wow what a luxury looking box!!! great idea!

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