Creative Wall Art
Written by on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Here are a few creative wall art ideas I think my readers will enjoy.  Not only do they demonstrate creative re-purposing, but they are also budget-minded.

First, if you have or find some old frames (maybe chunky, dated gold ones?), head to your DIY store for a can of spray paint.  After a few coats of paint…Presto!  You’ll have a whole new look!  Don’t have anything to place inside them yet?  Use scrapbook paper!  If you have more than one frame, choose coordinated (by color) patterns, keeping in mind that they will really POP if you make sure that they include the color of the wall (you’re hanging them on).

This idea is a wonderful everyday look, especially when paired with a framed mirror in the same color.  You could also change things up by centering a family photo or die-cut holiday creature in the center of one or all 3 of these frames.  Simply place and mount them in front of the scrapbook paper.


Also, if you have some odd-colored framed metal work wall art, once again… spray paint is your answer!  And why not go one step further by drilling a small hole in the middle of the framed art and a painted, rosette (wood block), which can then be glued to the back of the metal art center.  Next, purchase and install a clock kit through the center of both.  You’ll have wall art in a color you like AND it will be useful too!


Here’s one more idea, which is an inexpensive way to display a few family photos (possibly of your children or grandchildren) in combination with your favorite saying.   Type the favorite saying into a word document on a computer, breaking it up (by page) in any way that fits your framed display.  Next, increase the font to the best size for your display, print and frame.  Combine this saying with your family photos, in coordinated frames, to create a heartfelt wall display for all to enjoy!

As always, click on any of the photos above to view them larger & in greater detail.

Enjoy the Creativity!


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