New Wreath Trend
Written by on Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

I’ve been noticing a new wreath trend on several front doors in my area.  It is a die-cut wooden wreath that has been hand-painted and many times, personalized.  They’re very cute, unique and would definitely be easier to store than a regular seasonal wreath, so it might be something you want to consider.  Also, as one of my Facebook Community Members pointed out… this is the perfect wreath for those of you who have a screen door in front of your entry door.

Below are a few different designs (ranging in price from $29-$79) that I found on various artist websites, ready to purchase and hang:

CLICK on photo for detail & website info

Of course, if you have some artistic ability, simply head over to and SEARCH “unfinished craft wood wreath”.  You’ll find many unfinished versions of these wreaths in different shapes and sizes and all of them are quite reasonable ($5-$7).  Keep in mind, you’ll need paint, ribbon, a drill (for bow placement), finishing glaze to protect it from the elements (unless that’s included in your paint) and either cut-to-fit felt or these handy self-adhesive rubber bumpers (available at DIY, craft & discount stores for less than $2/multi-pack) to glue or adhere to the back of the wreath to protect your door.  At that point, you may just want to take the easy route and choose a pre-made version from one of these on-line sites I found above.  Whichever idea you choose, I think you will love the style and ease of this new wreath trend and they’d make a great gift too!

Enjoy the Creativity!


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