Early, Easy Holiday Idea and… my invitation from Hallmark
Written by on Thursday, August 11th, 2011

August is always my summertime reminder of Christmas because clients start checking in early, making sure they are scheduled to be sprinkled with holiday happiness in November.   Also in the middle of this Summer heat, Christmas goodies are  beginning to fill the shelves of hobby & craft stores and Hallmark ornaments are premiering in their card stores.  For crafters, collectors, decorators and their clients, this early arrival is actually a blessing because it provides all of us with extra time to spread out purchases, in these tough economic times.

View from my hotel room of adjacent
Hallmark Cards Headquarters 🙂


Me with Mr. Hall, Pres. of Hallmark

My Seminar Room

My personal focus this month was on a little “extra” Christmas because I was invited to teach a seminar of my holiday decorating techniques by Hallmark Cards and their Keepsake Ornament Division at their 2011 convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Preparing for this was a ton of hard work, but so worthwhile because I love sharing my creativity, especially with people who understand the JOY of seasonal & holiday decorating, like Hallmark ornament collectors.  If you’d like to view my Hallmark presentation, click on the HOLIDAY SLIDESHOW tab, located at the top of my blog.  And I’d like to suggest that you turn down the A/C, make a cup of cocoa and pop in a Christmas CD to enjoy it even more.

Also, in this post, I’m going to share one of the projects I demonstrated at the Hallmark convention.  This budget-friendly display idea is the perfect way to highlight a single ornament or keepsake during the holidays.  And because it is a 17″ (long) spray, which is smaller than the typical 24-36″ swag, it is much more versatile.

It’s compact size makes it the perfect decoration for smaller areas, like a narrow wall, cabinet door, tabletop decoration, above a cabinet or on a kitchen back splash (using removable Command™ picture hangers), but it would even be fabulous as an over-sized gift package topper if you want to BONUS-gift someone with a keepsake ornament and decoration.

Enjoy the Creativity!


You will need:





click to enlarge

DIRECTIONS:  Begin by fluffing out the branches of your greenery pick.  Cut off any excess stem from your snow-flocked Christmas picks and lay 1 of them on top of the greenery spray (in the center).  Twist 2 of the greenery branches over it to secure it in place.  Cut the 2nd frosted pick apart & hot glue those pieces among the remainder of the green spray to blend the green & white throughout.     Hot glue the 3 snowflakes among the spray (as shown by the red triangle).  Next, hot glue the 3 ornaments among the spray (as shown by the green triangle).

Make a small, 6-loop bow (see my DVD for easy directions), tying it closed with a pipe cleaner. Insert the pipe cleaner ends through the spray front (near the top of the greenery) and twist the ends together at the back of the spray. Using the remaining pipe cleaner ends, create a loop to hang the spray with. Here’s the finished product…

You might also want to (spray) paint your greenery black to create a Halloween version…



  1. Hi Eileen!!

    I love your website!!! Being a Christmas fanatic, I love to start early, getting ideas, shopping for decorations, and everything else that goes along with what you do professionally.
    Like yourself, I am a creative person. I especially like the peppermint themed decorations. I started my peppermint theme a couple of years ago and have been adding to it every year. This year, I am looking to really dress up my dining room with garland on the top of my china cabinet, possibly a wreath for one wall and an arrangement to really dress up the space. The table, I have decided, is going to be layered with several different red and white tablecloths and a new centerpiece. I especially got inspired after seeing your website. Now I can’t wait!!!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!!!

    Jeannie Nelson

  2. Dawn says:

    Hi Eileen,

    Planning to make one for me, then one for each of my neighbors, my mom, and my aunt as gifts… Thanks for such an amazing idea!

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