Halloween 2011
Written by on Monday, September 19th, 2011

The Seasonal Home is decked out in it’s Halloween best and this year, it’s a little S-P-O-O-K-Y!

In my previous post, I showed you an inexpensive fireplace idea.  I was inspired by the Crow (on the mantel), so I spread a few more around the room, beginning with my french doors.    I used a generous package of 15 die-cut paper Crows (check my store in the fall) and with a little double-sided tape, I used them to create the old design trick of bringing the outside in.

This would also be a fun idea to use in front door sidelights or window.

FR_bird door_s

And below, in The Seasonal Home’s built-in cabinet, I purchased a few Dollar Tree crows and dressed them up, for Halloween,

in little witches hats…

FR_crow collector_new_full_sa

        FR_CRow collector_bottom

 If this look is too plain for you, consider what I tried next…

  Inspired by this idea (I found on the net), I decided to add a background to THE SEASONAL HOME’s built-in cabinet.

Using newspaper to create a pattern….FR_CRow Collector_cut out patternI drew a tree and used it as a pattern to create a spooky tree on 2 pieces of black poster board.

Here’s how this look turned out –

The foyer in THE SEASONAL HOME has been transformed into a Magic Potion and Spell conjuring laboratory….   foyer_books_skulls_frog 2_s

foyer_spell books 2_sa

foyer_happy haunting lantern_sa

And in the Living Room… some Fall and just a bit ‘o spooky –

THE SEASONAL HOME’s kitchen is ready for guests….


and the best part is…. I created a CANDY BAR this year!  I thought this would be a fun treat for the adult guests, I’m entertaining this season, to once again enjoy a little (retro) Trick or Treating fun.  I looked for the most inexpensive candies I could find (avoid a lot of chocolate to stay on budget) and used every jar I could find in my house and anyone elses (lol).  I purchased one (1) package of “blank” Halloween labels at Michaels Craft Store for under $4 (with coupon), and using my computer – typed my label wording in a spooky font, lined things up and ran a test print.  When I held the label up behind the piece of printer paper, I saw that my estimated font size was good & lined up perfectly, so I taped the label to the corner of my paper (using double-sided tape) and ran them through the printer,  one at a time.  Once I finished printing them all, I grabbed some twine from the garage, punched 2 holes in the top of each label, fed the twine through and knotted one end.  Next, I pulled it tight around the neck of each jar, fed it through the 2nd hole, knotted it, cut off any excess and in no time, my jars were labeled for very little cost. Check out the finished product and help yourself! 🙂

kitchen_candy bar_left_with candy 2_s

Grab a goodie bag to fill! :-)

Grab a goodie bag to fill! 🙂


Who's that standing in line for his share of the candy?  Eeek!!!

Who’s that standing in line for his share of the candy? Eeek!!!

kitchen_candy bar_full_with candy_s

Enjoy the Creativity!



  1. Debra Flanagan says:

    Love your decorations at Halloween. My sister does it up big at Halloween too. She got a few crows at Hobby Lobby and black candles and candle holders. She took 3 hard cover books from the Goodwill and painted them black and made the pages look old. She stacked them up at right angles to each other and glued them together. She stenciled on their bindings Poisons, Potions and Spells. Then she set a crow on top of the books and used the other things to decorate her mantel. Really looked great. Maybe you could use one of her ideas.

    • seasonalhome says:

      Sound like your sister is a wonderful decorator Debra. I especially like that you are so proud of her! 🙂 Please tell her about the blog and Facebook page so she can share her creativity. Thank you!

  2. R Gardner says:

    great crows!

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