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This idea has been a tradition at THE SEASONAL HOME for the past 4 years.  Having 4 sons, I spent many years doing “boy” things for Fall and Halloween.  So, when they grew up and moved away, I switched things up and started something new… a gathering for the neighborhood “girls” (on my street) to enjoy each others company in a “WELCOME FALL” picnic!   Because it’s still so warm, during the first few weeks of Fall – in Florida – we all secretly hope this tradition works (along the lines of a rain dance) and brings us some cooler weather (lol) soon!

The first order of Fall business is a menu for the picnic.  We keep it simple, inexpensive and anyone who wants to make something to bring does.  Because the oldest in our group (Emmeline) can now bake, she made our frosted brownies that accompanied pumpkin-shaped PB&J sandwiches, watermelon and popcorn.


The girls also had the awesome idea of bringing sparkly water and food color so we could make our drinks any color we chose –


Funny how food coloring turned the drinks into spooky potions!

I found some fun, Fall-theme headbands in the Target’s $1.00 bins (front of the store) for the girls to wear.

And a couple of coupons (I had) guided our “activity” choices: a $1.00 off fresh produce coupon from Target made a small bag of apples less than $2.00 so the girls could enjoy the traditional Fall game of bobbing for apples.

At Michael’s craft store, I scooped up a “Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin” game for only $1.80 (using a 40% off coupon)

for the girls to enjoy –

During our picnic, we had an unexpected, multi-legged visitor show up, on the arm of Stella… EEK again!!

In the end, I kept within my budget so well, I hit the Target “dollar” bins again as well as their Halloween Dept. where I found multi-party-packs of fun toys and writing pads.  For a few dollars, I created some sweet, take-home gifts for the girls to remember our “WELCOME FALL” picnic by.  I hope you like our annual Fall tradition idea well enough to try it yourself.



Enjoy the Creativity!



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  1. Looks like you had a great time and I am sure the girls did!

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