The Halloween Spider Hunt Game
Written by on Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Are the kids in your house get cranky waiting for the BIG night… Halloween?   Then, here’s a new tradition you can start that will help pass the time.  It’s a fun game that will not only keep them entertained, but will also make them wish Halloween wasn’t coming up so soon.  What?  Did you read that right?  Yes!

Here’s why and also, how it works –  First, you’ll have to decide how many days (prior to Halloween) you want the kids to play your game.  Once that is determined, you will need to multiply that number (of days) “times” how many children are playing.  Once you have that total, purchase a bag of fake spiders (even spider rings would be fine because the rings can help you hang them in odd places) with at least that many inside.

As an example, let’s say you have decided to play THE HALLOWEEN SPIDER HUNT game the entire week leading up to Halloween night and you have 3 children in the house.  So, you will need at least 21 spiders and more if you decide to hide several for each child to find, each day.  Why not get a gross (144) and let them really have some fun!  Then each day, after the kids are at school or have gone to bed, hide a few of the spiders in odd places.  Think Easter Egg Hunt for Halloween :-).  A few suggestions would be:  inside the toilet paper roll, peeking out of a pillowcase or in the silverware drawer, etc.

Explain to the kids that you have spotted plastic Halloween Spiders hanging around the house and you need their help getting rid of them.  Ask them to help you capture the plastic spiders and place them in their own jar.  As a fun, side project, decorating their jar could be a great craft project… personalizing each of them, with your help and a little paint.    The winner of the HALLOWEEN SPIDER HUNT game is the person who collects the most spiders by Halloween night.  And the prize could be something like a cool flashlight (to use during Trick-or-treating) or a Halloween-themed Pez dispenser or Coloring Book, etc.   And a great way to get them to eat dinner (on Halloween night) might be to tell them you’re going to count each person’s spiders and award the prize (to the one who captured the most spiders) after dinner (lol).  Of course, you could give the other spider hunters a little “something” too, as a thank you for helping you rid the house of plastic spiders.

I think you’ll find that the kids will look forward to their new tradition every year!

Enjoy the Creativity!


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