Transition your Christmas tree into a NEW YEAR’S Celebration tree
Written by on Friday, December 30th, 2011


It’s time to decorate for our New Year’s Eve party and I saw an opportunity to change one of my Christmas trees into a New Year’s Celebration Tree – to add a new twist to our party!

If you checked out my 2011 Holiday photos, you probably noticed the “Pepperminty” flat-back, white, wall tree in my kitchen.  I also shared the directions for making my creative tree skirt/box in another post. 

I began by removing all of the red & white decorations from the tree and pulling out my tree skirt/box to re-wrap it, using black wrapping paper.  Next, I used one 11″ x 14″ black & one 11″ x 14″ white foam sheets.  Out of the white foam sheet, I cut a large triangle out of the white and 2 small triangles to create the chest & collar area of a tuxedo shirt.  Out of the black foam sheet, I cut 3 circles (for the shirt buttons) and 1 bow tie shape.  The fact that they were self-adhesive made assembling these pieces super easy and adhering it to my box a no-brainer!  All I had to do then is re-slide my “tuxedo” box back into position under the tree. 

I created a black top hat by also wrapping a circle and rectangle of poster board with black gift wrap and adding self-adhesive “2012” letters and some silver tinsel garland.  This would be even easier if you happen to have black poster board, of course. 

Finally, I added black, frosted white, gold (onion shape) and silver glittery ornaments as well as HAPPY NEW YEAR light covers, crystal starbursts and clock-face ornaments  to the tree and my New Year’s decoration was complete.

Some other decorations you might consider adding:

Here’s the finished product… I hope this idea saves you some time AND money so you can enjoy your New Year’s celebration!  Don’t forget to check out my other New Year celebrating ideas under the NEW YEARS! category (in the right hand column of this page).  Also consider adding a surprise or inspirational sentiment inside each balloon for your guests to pop and enjoy at the end of the evening (thank you Gina!).

Enjoy the Creativity!



  1. angela l says:

    I love the tuxedo tree stand cover!
    I also like the idea of champagne flutes with gold filler!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love it! I always thought about leaving one tree up year round and just changing the decorations each month, now you are really giving my ideas in that direction! (don’t think hubby’s goona like the tree up all the time though) lol

  3. Missy says:

    Love it! Is this the only decoration you update for New Year, or do you update other decorations? I ask because in one of your videos you once updated the garland on the fireplace and it was gorgeous too. Or do you take down the rest of the decorations?

  4. Missy says:

    Yay! Thanks for posting the link here!

  5. Gina says:

    Love it! We decorate ours every year with a different theme. We hang balloons on it with a surprise in each one and at Midnight the kids get to pop theirs. It’s become a tradition here. Now all the neices want to come for our New Years party.

  6. John Klein says:

    It is wonderful and this is something that should be on television

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