A Passion for Purple at Easter!
Written by on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012


For my front door area,  I was eager to reuse my black footed planters (to create a similar look to last years) for Easter (http://seasonalhome.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/3759/).  But of course… it had to be a brand new look AND on a budget (translation – make it myself!)  I also had a definite passion for purple this year and here’s my inspiration…. PURPLE PEEPS!

Before I could create the entire look, I first had to create a duplicate of my inspiration – the Marshmallow PEEP Bunny.

Using a 50% off coupon, I purchased a sheet of (apx.) 2″ x 12″ x 36″ white styrofoam, drew and cut a PEEP shape and used one of the discarded pieces (as a file) to create nice, clean edges on the finished product.  And by the way, I created a simple and inexpensive pattern of my bunny and its in my SHOP (here’s the link – http://theseasonalhome.bigcartel.com/)

  Next, I painted my PEEP shape with a styrofoam-friendly brand of spray paint (Design Master) in lavender and then while damp, sprinkled it with a light coating of iridescent glitter for a sugary look.  I also painted a bamboo wood dowel that I had cut in half and once that was dry, I inserted both pieces into the bottom of my PEEP shape, to create a stand.  Chocolate brown (my name – not the manufacturer’s – but I thought that might be more helpful) acrylic paint and a small paint brush helped me create the face.  Don’t they have the cutest faces?!!  Couldn’t you picture several smaller versions of these in your front yard (maybe in different colors?)  And if you’d like to own this pattern, be sure to check out my SHOP! 🙂


Ok, back to the project (lol)…. I spray painted one of my footed, black planters white, and even reused a styrofoam circle (note the hole made by last year’s pvc).  Then, I placed & gently pushed my PEEP’s bamboo legs into the styrofoam circle to secure it in the planter, slipped a purple-themed spring wreath over his head and added extra flowers to camouflage the styrofoam.

peep assem_into container peep assem_add wreath peep assem_add flowers

I added a bow to my bunny and placed my large, purple yard eggs and several other decorations around to bring my purple PEEP passion together, including using one of my outdoor greenery plants.  And I love the mossy, jumping bunnies I found at Pier 1 this year.  See what you think…

s_front door_left  

s_front door_sides_front door_full 2

Don’t forget to check out my entire EASTER category for even MORE creative ideas and stay tuned because I’ll be revisiting this craft in Easter 2013 in a fun & fabulous way


here’s the “How To” video, showing how I created this adorable bunny project in 30 minutes:

Happy Easter!



  1. Sue says:

    I love the purple theme! I found large Peep pillows, etc at Bed Bath and Beyond on 75% clearance many years ago. (You can see the small plush ones on my buffet photos!) I always go hunting after holidays to get new inspiration at deep discounts.

    Hoppy Easter!!
    Sue Singleton

  2. Marisa says:

    I love it and what a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. kathi says:

    omg, that’s beautiful! so copying your ideas!
    so glad i signed up! kathi

  4. Shannon Fox says:

    So darling! Saw you over at Jen’s. I’m pinning this qt! Happy Easter =)

  5. Lizy says:

    Purple is my favorite color! Will keep your ideas in mind for next year’s decor! Happy Easter!!! it’s beautiful =0)

  6. […] for last – this super-sized, three-foot-tall replica of a Marshmallow Peeps Bunny. Eileen from The Seasonal Home shares her springtime front porch with Craftomaniac, and she shows how she fashioned her […]

  7. wanda reeves says:

    I love this! Peeps are my favorite. Im going to give this a try! Thanks for the tutorial.

  8. Trace says:

    Your ideas are amazing, just wish we could get more of these sorts of things in shops in New Zealand!

  9. Jen says:

    Love these peeps. Do you think we could make them with 1 inch thick foam instead of 2 inches?

    • Eileen says:

      Yes, but if you have a lot of severe weather, they could break easier. To save money, I have been told that Joann’s Crafts (on line) has good prices and the shipping is almost nothing. Good luck!

  10. Elisha says:

    If I were to make several peeps, what about the large sheets of foam at a Home Store, like Menards or Home Depot? They seem much more cost effective, but I’m curious about the density of the styrofoam and how it would hold up in the wind and weather. Do you have any idea? Thanks, Elisha

    • Eileen says:

      Not knowing how severe the weather is in your area, it’s hard to advise you but, if you only plan to use them one year, the slimmer density may be fine. To save money, I have been told that Joann’s Crafts (on line) has good prices and the shipping is almost nothing. Good luck!

    • Sandi says:

      I am trying these this year and did buy my styrofoam at the local hardware store. A 4×8 sheet 2 inches thick cost me just under $13.00. I hope mine turn out this cute!

  11. Doris Lindsey says:

    What an inspiration!

  12. Doris Lindsey says:

    Sooooo verrrrry beautiful!


  14. crosspecans says:

    have you ever tried using an electric knife to cut Styrofoam and cardboard. it works great. cute bunnies thanks

  15. […] made & used in the planter in 2012 (above) and for my 2013 Easter […]


  17. debra says:

    great ideas….beautiful work !!

  18. kerri says:

    Hello! I want to make one this year where did you get the bunny to trace? Love them Thanks

    • Eileen says:

      Hi Kerri, The bunny pattern is original and located in my shop (on this website) for only $9.95. Thanks for the compliment! Eileen

  19. Lynn Harrison says:

    I tried to make these but Design Master paint is not in my area. I used the best Krylon but it still ate holes in my styrofoam. Is there some type of special paint to use that will not do that to the styrofoam?
    Lynn Harrison

    • Eileen says:

      Hi Lynn, use a bottle of acrylic craft paint but thin it with a little water. Also, allow extra drying time. Sorry the krylon created an issue for you. 😞

  20. christine bauman says:

    Love this!!!! where did you get your birdhouse??

    • Eileen says:

      I found that at a Home Goods store Christine. They always seem to have cute ones! 😉 Happy Easter ♥ Eileen

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