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lemon bar closeup

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This is a super-easy-to-make recipe (only 7 ingredients & 2 steps!) that combines a rich, buttery flavor with citrus.

It is the perfect for dessert, holidays, or bake sales… any time of year!

I use my hand mixer to combine the first 3 ingredients of flour, sugar & butter and this is how it looks as you place the mixed ingredients into a 9″ x 13″ pan –


Spread the pastry evenly across the bottom of your pan and pop it into the oven for 25 minutes.


Your kitchen will smell YUMMY as this cookie crust is baking and here is how it looks BEFORE and AFTER the cookie crust is baked (click on any photo for a larger view & click on the BACK arrow to return to the recipe) –

LB_dough baked

Next, mix 5 more ingredients into a lemon yellow liquid and pour that over the top of your baked cookie crust, after you remove it from the oven –

LB_lemon mixing

LB_pouring lemon







Bake that YUMMI-NESS for 25 more minutes and it will look like this (when removed from the oven).LB_lemon cooked

Generously sprinkle this finished product with powdered sugar –

LB_sprinkling sugar

Use a regular kitchen knife to cut it into 24 bars (occasionally wiping off the knife) –


Allow to cool for apx. 15 minutes before serving. This is a dessert that tastes yummy all year long. Below are a couple of of seasonal accent ideas, to use when serving your bars –

Lemon Bars_mint

Lemon Bars_fall

Bon Apetit!


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