2 Easter Bunnies – 3 different “Looks”!
Written by on Thursday, March 7th, 2013

yard bunny picWhen I’m looking for inside OR outside holiday & seasonal decorations, I sometimes check party stores.  Typically, I’ll find something unusual & inexpensive that I won’t see in home and discount stores.  I especially like finding outdoor decorations because it inspires so many more people!

In my local Party City, I spotted this whimsical set of 5 YARD DECORATIONs for only $8.99 (click on photo to see this item on their website).  I love that they look 3-D, yet are flat, lightweight and made out of weatherproof material so they can be used outdoors.  BUT, of course, their Easter cuteness inspired me to come up with more than 1 use for them… 2 outdoor and 1 indoor… to help us stretch our decorating dollars.  So, think of these ideas as a plan for the next 3 years of Easter decorating!! LOL

The first display idea is the original… displaying them somewhere in your yard.  The 5-pieces consist of 2 bunnies and 3 polka-dotted Easter eggs and come with their own metal stakes that are designed to be placed inside their corrugated middle, to keep them vertical.  yard bunny written directions As you can see, placing this holiday display in your yard will definitely charm your family, neighbors and passers-by.

The second display idea is an interior one.  I lined my mantel with squares of faux, green grass (hiding their gridded bottom with some moss & a few plastic Easter eggs) and trimmed the mantel’s edge with a whimsical pink ribbon (simply use tiny spots of hot glue, gummy tack-it or good ol’ packing tape to adhere it).  I also hung and added some of the large, lightweight, pink flowers (from my SHOP) to wooden dowels that I also painted pink, keeping them upright by inserting the dowels into hidden pieces of styrofoam, and adding in the 3 eggs (part of the kit).  Last, but not least, I perched the 2 bunnies on top of 2 more pieces of (hidden) styrofoam and my whimsical mantel display was complete… soooo simple!  This would also be a cute display in a foyer, on a sofa table or buffet in the kitchen.

s_FR fireplace

The third display idea could be used either inside (flanking a fireplace, doorway, etc.) OR outside, which is what I chose.  My readers who have been with me for a while will recognize my footed, pedestal planters.  I use them every season but change them up with paint.  They probably have 10 coats of paint on them, but the way I look at it… they’re just keep becoming more & more weatherproof! LOL 😉  If you’ve never invested in a set, you should consider it because they are very versatile, so you’ll get a lot of use out of them.  If you look for styrofoam versions (like mine), you’ll save a lot of money too!  And for inspiration, here’s some of the past designs I’ve created in mine:

   egg topiaries 1     s_front door_full 2     front door_s      front door 1_s     front door

I keep styrofoam circles on hand to fill up the interior space of my planters (so I can place something in the middle) and this time, I covered them with a square, plus a cut piece, of faux green grass for a base and styrofoam-hider.

grass_on styro

HELPFUL HINT:  The styrofoam shapes and all of these faux green grasses are available at

craft stores (I’ve even found the styrofoam at The Dollar Tree).

As you can see (in the photo below), these faux green grasses have a gridded back to help you create even cuts.


Because the bunnies are white, I thought spray painting my planters would be too much,

so I decided to keep them black and pull out my paint brush & paints to add some interest.


I inserted (Dollar Tree Store) tulips & “Bowed” Bunnies into the styrofoam along with a few eggs.

s_bunny_insert in styro

Then, I needed something for the door.  Typically, I hang a wreath here but, found this cool, large alphabet letter (which coincidentally stands for both mine AND the Easter Bunny’s last names (LOL) at Michael’s Crafts.  What a great wreath-alternative!  This is, of course, paint-able to whatever color you’d like, but I decided to keep it black, to match the planters.  Because this alpha letter is thin, it was easy to staple ribbon to the back of it, for hanging.  Use hot glue to add embellishments.  I added 4 tulips, a little moss and bow to create the finished look.  Now, it complements but doesn’t compete (for attention) with my sweet bunnies.

front door_alpha wreath

s_Front door_bunny left

s_front door_bunny right

s_front door_full

 I couldn’t overlook decorating my front porch bench.

s_front porch_basket

Look at these 2.. checking each other out (ha ha)

s_front porch_bunny n bird 2

“HEY! Where’d you get those ears?”

s_front porch_bench

Happy Easter and Enjoy the Creativity!



  1. Wanda says:

    I just love those bunnies! and that is a great ideal, keep your ideals coming! I always come here to see what you will have next!

  2. Marge Burns says:

    Love your ideas! Are your Footed pedestel planters made of limestone? How tall are they. They always look geat

    • Eileen says:

      Thank you Marge! 🙂 They are actually styrofoam, 24″ tall and I found them at Target. You’ll love owning a set, so I hope you can find them. Happy Hunting! Eileen

  3. Julie says:

    Is there anywhere that I can purchase these or get a pattern for them

  4. gloria says:

    nice…wao. i might get creative like this. i do some decor but never though of doing this. i just happened to bump on to you web looking for ideas on how to decorate a beautiful lanthern that i bought for christmas last year. i wanted a new idea for easter. now i don’t know witch idea to do…. and then where i would place it… the front porch or my lanai. lets see. i have to take a pic to send it to you and see what you think.

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