Garden-themed Table for your Easter Brunch
Written by on Thursday, March 21st, 2013

s_egg hunt

It can be very hard to coordinate holiday get-togethers – between attending church, kid’s nap time, numerous invitations, and in some cases… even, work schedules.  But, hosting an Easter Brunch can help!  An Easter Brunch usually takes place late morning through early afternoon, which leaves time for church, a late sleep-in and to attend more events, later in the afternoon or evening.  And here’s a few ideas for your Brunch table to help out –

I’ll leave the menu up to you, but since Brunch is typically centered around the kitchen, it’s fun to decorate the central fixture (in the room)… the chandelier! 🙂

And here’s a few details about the construction of my design to inspire you:

I began with a lightly-flowered (but sturdy) artificial vine, encircled around the chandelier’s center, from top to bottom, to create a base.


s_chandelier_vine in

I added a second garland… this time, a floral one –

s_chandelier_daisy garland

Now that I had a “Garden” base, it was time to add decorations that tell the story… in other words, your theme!

I added some artificial carrots and lettuce heads to my garden because…



…when I found this cute cloth bunny holding a carrot, I just had to create a feast, above the feast, for him to enjoy (LOL).


I was able to tuck most of the items in without securing them, but if you can’t do this in your light fixture,

use wire, chenille stems or fishing line to hold things in place.


And when it’s complete, your Easter guests will marvel over your creativity!


And you know I can’t call a design “complete” without adding a touch of whimsy, so I hung a metal carrot container below with a few orange jelly bean treats tucked inside, as a unique Easter basket for the garden bunny!

s_Easter Chandelier_carrot for bunny 2

Another way that I found to bring my bunny, lettuce & carrot theme into my Easter Brunch table design was through color

and a unique napkin & silverware combo.

To create this carrot-style napkin/silverware combo, you’ll need: orange napkins, green silverware, green cupcake liners and ribbon


Begin by folding 2 cupcake liners in half, to make it easier to cut a slit in the bottom center as well as several fringe-cuts around the diameter

s_carrot top_cut

With both cupcake liners stacked inside each other, slip the green silverware through their center openings.

s_carrot top_insert

Using 2 orange napkins (for thickness) and laying them out in a “diamond” shape,

place the silverware/cupcake liner combo on the left side and begin rolling, to create a cone (or carrot) shape.

s_carrot top_roll up     s_napkin_rolling2

Use an apx. 14-16″ length of ribbon to tie it closed.  Finish with a bow.

Not only does it look like a carrot, but (BONUS!) your guests will find it easier to remove the silverware from their napkin by pulling on the cupcake liners.


Needless to say, it would also look great to serve an orange drink at this Easter Brunch, so I’m choosing orange juice for the kids, adding a splash of champagne for the adults – and I even found a way to include a carrot accent.  Most cupcake picks are long enough to accommodate a small food item.

s_cupcake picks

And I realized that individual segments of a seedless tangerine (known as “Cuties”) look similar to a baby carrot.

So, I picked a few mint leaves from my (real) garden and layered the two together on a “HAPPY EASTER” cupcake pick to create a little theme-coordinated, edible accompaniment, to perch on the edge of each person’s glass.

s_carrot drink topper

One of my favorite things to do is place a small, inexpensive gift at guest place settings.  To stay on budget, I headed to The Dollar Tree and found a 4-pack of orange containers, a pair of garden gloves and package of flower bulbs.  Also, at my local “mart” store, I picked up carrot-shaped candy and added a bow to it.


The total cost was $3.25 for each adult (or family) to take home a little “garden inspiration”.

Imagine how they’ll “think of you” as their flowers begin to appear, mid Spring!

s_gift 2

My final added touches to this sweet, bunny garden are a clay pot, wrapped in ribbon and spotlighting a bunny enjoying a flower snack,

HINT:  if you need more height, don’t purchase a larger clay pot, just pop it on top of a cake plate!


and my collection of lettuce-shaped serving dishes.

HINT:  I also love my plain old white cake plates, dinner plates and candles, because they’re the perfect basics.

When you add decorative accents under cake plates, ribbon to candles and inexpensive place mats under dinner plates, they go with any holiday theme!

s_YT_candy dish  s_teapot set

And here’s the completed Easter Brunch table…. I hope you have fun creating your own. 🙂

s_YT_full table

And if you feel like adding a a little extra touch, don’t forget about the backs of your chairs.

s_chair bows     s_chair bow_close

HAPPY EASTER and Enjoy the Creativity!




  1. Kimberly says:

    Love the bunny holding the carrot in the light fixture and the carrots, where did you buy them?

  2. Wanda says:

    OOOOOH Eileen
    I just love this beautiful garden theme for your light fixture with the bunny and carrots and lettuce and that little carrot pale oh my…. thank so much for showing us how to do this….i am going to do this for my Easter theme this year! hope you will show us more of your great and wonderful ideals. loooove this beautiful garden theme with bunny!!!

  3. Jenn says:

    Love the Easter chandelier! I’d love to duplicate it. Where did you find that bunny?

  4. Found this on Pinterest and had to say that this is adorable! I am decorating my chandelier TOMORROW!!! Well, after I go buy a couple of garlands:)

  5. Renee Blackmon says:

    love it! I am really into the carrot theme this year! Where did you find the heads of lettuce?? Thanks!!

    • Eileen says:

      Hi Renee & Thank You! Craft stores (Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, Michael’s, etc.) usually have them in stock year round. Look/ask for the artificial fruit section.

  6. Sandi Brookshire says:

    Absolutely stunning…they say to copy ones idea is the greatest form of flattery. I hope you don’t mind that I copy yours.

    Thank you for this beautiful idea.

  7. Wanda Flowers says:

    Hello Mrs. Eileen i was wondering where can i find this metal carrot container i have look every where and i can not find them any where. i would like to know if you have them in your store on here that i can buy? i have bought up everything i need to do my Easter Chandelier light almost like yours…. but the metal carrot container is what i need! can you help? and keep your wonderful ideals a coming!

    • Eileen says:

      Hi Wanda, Sorry I saw this too late for this Easter, but that metal carrot was made by Hallmark. Hope you had a happy one! 🙂

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