Make a Whirly-Twirly, Patriotic Wreath
Written by on Friday, May 24th, 2013

There are so many special occasions when the old red, white & blue looks great on display…. to show our patriotic spirit, like:

Memorial Day, Independence Day (4th of July), Labor Day, Veterans Day, Military Homecoming, etc.

The easiest thing to display, of course, is a wreath because it looks great on a door, wall, above, below or propped up on the fireplace mantel OR even as an indoor or outdoor table centerpiece!

So, I decided to tackle that project for us, but as always…  on a budget!

How does $12 sound?

s_materials 1

I found some of the items in the store and pulled 2 items from my trusty Christmas decor:

Wire wreath form (Craft store w/coupon) – $1.80

8 Pinwheels (Dollar Tree) – $8.00

2-piece Package Topper (Dollar Tree) – $1.00

Apx. 3 yards of (apx) 2-1/2″ Shiny Ribbon (from my own Christmas decor stash) – FREE!

Apx. 3 yards of 1″ Shiny Ribbon (from my own Christmas decor stash) – FREE!

Patriotic Flags – $1.00 (Dollar Tree) 2-pack of Cupcake liners and Cupcake Toppers

1 shiny Pipe Cleaner

Hot Glue Gun


Begin, by wrapping bright, shiny red or blue 2-1/2″ ribbon around the wire wreath frame, on a diagonal to keep it neat & flat.  Then, staple both ends together, where they meet.

ribbon wrap  s_staple loc

Remove all of the pinwheels from their display sticks and begin placing them around your wreath frame

until you achieve a pattern you like.

s_pinwheel adding     s_1 pinwheel added

Create a bow, by looping the length of 1″ shiny ribbon (5-7 times) and twisting a sparkly,

color-coordinated pipe cleaner around the center and place it also.

(The pipe cleaner is what you will also use to attach it to your wreath frame (in between the ribbon wrapped around the wire frame).

s_bow create

Begin adding each pinwheel to the wire frame, tucking it (securely)

underneath the wrapped ribbon and adding hot glue, to keep it in place.

s_pinwheel adding 2     s_pinwheel back with glue

s_pom poms    IMG_1390

The 2-piece package topper I also found at the Dollar Tree was the perfect centerpiece to add to the bow because

the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” was removable , enabling me to create 2 different looks for:

All other patriotic holidays & special occasions (by removing the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” & using the pom-pom only)

s_mem day wreath_white door_closeup

Independence Day (by leaving the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” in place and adding 2 tiny flags, using a spot of hot glue)


What’s so much fun about this wreath is how the pinwheels spin a little,

when the wind catches them, adding motion to an already whimsical patriotic creation!

Here’s how the 2 wreaths look… on The Seasonal Home’s front door:

For INDEPENDENCE DAY (4th of July)

s_4th wreath_full 2

For All Other Patriotic Holidays and Special Occasions

(on interior door)

s_mem day wreath_white door_full2

Apples are such a great snack & decoration, so why not use them,

in the center of your wreath, to create a beautiful, patriotic table centerpiece.

s_table decor

Enjoy the Creativity and Celebrating!


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