Summer Fairy Garden (Video)
Written by on Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Every season, it’s been so much fun decorating and changing the accessories in

the Fairy Garden I created to recycle my old, broken-handled wheelbarrow.

It was such an inexpensive project, so if you missed the original tutorial, click HERE to check it out.


And now, it’s time to provide a bit of Summer fun for our resident Fairy (LOL). 😉

I have to admit…  if you need a little outdoor, mental escape and (like me) never had the pleasure of decorating a doll house,

when you were little, a small Fairy Garden (like this) is the perfect prescription.

The wheelbarrow’s paint job is a little weather-worn now, but no matter because it’s the details (inside) that create all the magic,

and hunting for inexpensive accessories ($1-$5 each) has been a blast!

But, this project has been rewarding in more ways than one because I’ve noticed that it’s not only entertaining for kids

but I’ve spotted adults checking it out too.  I guess it’s brought out the kid in everyone!

So, to bring this project to life for you, too…

I created a short, musical video tour of The Seasonal Home’s Summer Fairy Garden!

Be sure to turn up your speakers because the video is accompanied by a beautiful song (courtesy of a talented friend ~ Vin Gast)

And please share it with anyone you think might be in need of a “day brightener”.  🙂

Also, CLICK HERE to watch a video featuring my Fairy-themed Christmas tree!


Enjoy the Creativity!


One misty morning I caught a glimpse, out of the corner of my eye, a fluttering of the most alluring glossy shimmering essence. I gave immediate chase, and to my delight, I saw a beautiful small fairy child darting amongst the herbs in our garden center. Behold, we have discovered a tribe of fairy’s who have claimed a new home here at the nursery! Since that first day, we have now trained our eyes to catch glimpses of these elusive creatures as they are most active in the early morning and late day. If these tiny creatures find we accept them into our garden family, they will make a permanent home amongst our plants and flowers! They will seek to bestow on all who come here both good fortune and reveal the mysteries of Herbs and magical plants. For acts of kindness bestowed upon the spirits, fairy blessings will come in the form of unexpected good luck, what a splendid idea. -Jan B.

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