Halloween Candy Corn Ghost (Tutorial)
Written by on Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

It’s the 1st day of October so I’m sharing my simple & easy Halloween craft idea

that was inspired by my non-stop desire to waste nothing. LOL

Remember those styrofoam PEEPS I made last Easter?  {if not, click HERE to review}

s_peeps front

After cutting them out, 1/3 of the styrofoam sheet was leftover…  and if patient, I knew I would find a way to use it!

candy corn_styrofoam

Between where I cut-out the bunny ears, there was a peaked area and (in my creative mind) I saw a Candy Corn! (don’t ask… LOL) 😉

This project turned out to be really cute & versatile, so I’m sharing the DIY details early,

to give you plenty of time to make as many as you want for your Halloween decorating needs:

1)  On a piece of WHITE styrofoam, draw a triangle (with an oval top) to create a Candy Corn shape to cut out.

NOTE:  the triangle can be any size – from a few inches (to use in a wreath, garland or tree) to HUGE (for outdoor decor use especially)

candy corn_paints

2)  Gather 2 acrylic paints (yellow & orange), a sponge paint brush & (if help is needed to paint straight lines) painters tape

NOTE:  I purchased my paint at Wal-Mart for 67 cents each

3)  Using a piece of Candy Corn as your guide, estimate the placement of each stripe color

and the amount of area to be painted yellow and orange.

(the yellow stripe should not be as wide as the orange stripe)

If needed, use the painters tape to help you create straight lines

and paint each color all the way around the front, sides & back of the styrofoam.

Below are 2 different examples of faces you can create,

by gluing shapes cut from foam-y sheets only or a combination of (foam-y) mouth & wiggle eyes.

Also add a bow tie, if you like!

s_          s_candy corn_face

And just as I did with my PEEP design,

I made legs for my Candy Corns by cutting skinny bamboo garden stakes

(apx. $3 @ Wal-Mart & pkg. includes several).

The “legs” will help to display them around your home.

s_candy corn_construction complete          s_candy corn_inserts

And there are SOOO many places you could display these, around your home, indoors or out!

Here’s a few outdoor decorating ideas:

How about making several small ones and spacing them a few feet apart to line your walk path?

s_candy corn_in plant

They are super cute peeking out from behind your landscape edging too!

s_candy corn_garden bed2

I love to use my footed planters by my front door, every season… check out how nice it looks in that!

s_candy corn_inside planter

Now that I’ve used up SOME of my leftover styrofoam, to create a fun & whimsical Candy Corn Halloween decoration,

I’ll be thinking about a Christmas idea, to use up the rest!

As my husband says… the wheels (in my head) never stop turning!!  😉

Enjoy the Creativity!



  1. Wanda says:

    Wow I love this candy corn ideal and I do love the way the front door looks! great I deal keep them coming and can you buy this pattern like you can the peeps?

    • Eileen says:

      Yes Wanda, I can create a pattern to purchase. Please contact me (eileen@theseasonalhome.com) if you’re interested. Thank you! Eileen

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