3 Chandelier Ideas for: Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving!
Written by on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving arrive, one behind the other, so we don’t have time to redecorate the dining area for each.

I enjoy all of them and challenged myself to create 3 different looks, similar to last year’s fireplace mantel

{if you missed that creativity, click HERE} that transitioned easily from Fall -to- Halloween -to- Thanksgiving.

The goal:  use the same decorative “base” for each look & only change out a few things.

The “Base”

I brought in the fall garland (used around my outdoor candle-lier at the Welcome Fall Picnic) to now, use in my Dining Room Chandelier.

I began by securing one end of the fall garland to the top of my chandelier, using wire:



Next, I gently wrapped the garland around the “inside” of my chandelier and secured it to the bottom of the chandelier, also using wire.

Then, I added: artificial grapevine (for texture), squash, pumpkins & sunflowers

s_grapevine     s_sunflowers     s_pumpkins


(1)  Choose pumpkins with curly wire to make attaching them to a garland easier.

(2)  If you don’t have wire, use loaf bread tie closures or thin, wire ornament hooks (bent or cut to fit your need),

Once all of that was done, I cut apart a single spray of fall berries & tucked them in, all over the decorated chandelier.

s_berry pick

HELPFUL HINT:  After removing each individual berry branch (from the spray), I bent the end of each (into a hook)

so it was easier to attach/hang each one into the design.

s_berry add

Here’s the finished chandelier… it will look great during the entire Fall season.


I also moved the length of burlap fabric and runner (from this year’s Welcome Fall Picnic) to my Dining Room table

knowing it will look great under all 3 table settings.

Now that I have the base elements done, check out my 3 looks below… I hope they inspire you during the Fall holiday season.


 s_fall leaves

For Fall, I pulled out my black & white place mats & beige plates I’ve had for years.

At the dollar store, I found some slotted Fall leaves & added them to some leftover napkins (from last EASTER).

I love how orange & black coordinates with so many different seasons!


Lanterns look great with almost ANYthing inside!

I lined the bottom (of mine) with faux berries, mini pumpkins

and a candlestick & battery-powered candle created wonderful Fall lighting.

Placing it in the center of a 3 ft. Fall grapevine garland created the finishing touch for my Fall centerpiece.


Around the rest of the room, a yard of inexpensive orange fabric ($2) recovered the yellow pillow (from Summer’s $100 kitchen makeover) perfectly and a few faux pumpkins were a nice, simple touch in the window above it.



Replacing the Summer lemons (in my black cabinets) with Fall pumpkins and a few candy corn decorations

(decorations from previous years) made for a quick & easy look change.

     Remember how, over the Summer, I pulled out every piece of white china I owned &

added them to my black cabinets, to create a “base” look?

As you can see, they’re still there and I just accented them with the colors of the season… so easy!

 s_fall cabinet_left     s_fall cabinet_right

I also added a simple pumpkin on top of each cabinet.

Check out the complete table and room for Fall….  love those Dollar Tree glasses I found this year!

s_fall table_closeup

s_fall table_full


Adding a couple of Pilgrim couple figurines creates an instant Thanksgiving table scape…

s_tg table_closeup

s_tg table_full


Time to SpOOk things up a little!

Adding some dollar store crows to the chandelier is a simple, but spooky change.

s_crows_closeup     s_crow_closeup

s_halloween chand_closeup

And a “SPOOKY” pillow in front of the orange one… FUN!

s_halloween_pillow 3_from table

Changed out the pumpkins (on top of the cabinets) with a couple of inexpensive Scaredy Cats (Michael’s Crafts w/a coupon – $5)

Also, because they are white… I added in my ghost S & P shakers for a cute spook!

s_halloween cab_left     s_halloween cab_rt

Inside the lantern, a battery-powered Halloween themed candle replaced the beige one and a few spiders added the scary.

The final touch – a spikey, glittered, black twig wreath (ltd. supply available my shop).


Some more scary spiders and candles on the table….


And if you’re going to have a SpOOky Dinner… of course, SpOOky Plates are a “must-have”!


If you want to create a SpOOky Dinner in your home, check out the video (below) of mine…

from my book (Creative Family Traditions & Ideas):

And here’s the whole SpOOky look ~

s_halloween table_full 1




  1. Joyce Goode says:

    On Halloween Night we have our children and grandchildren at our house for dinner.
    I make a large pot of Sloppy Joes and a salad for dinner and then the grandkids go out Trick and Treating. We live in a small Village and our children grew up here and know everyone. I usually have made the customs for the Grandkids and our neighbors look forward to seeing what they will be this year.

  2. Kimberly Smith says:

    On Halloween night, we have a party for our kids. Our party includes, spooky cupcakes, white chocolate popcorn with sprinkles, games, balloons, party favors, brain punch, mummy hotdogs, and some type of arts & craft project. After we have our party..we go trick or treating. It’s just my husband, our 2 kids, and I…but we definitely have a blast! I’m definitely a fan of celebrating life!

  3. Maria A. S. says:

    On Halloween night we bring our fire pit out to the driveway and roast hot dogs on orange skewers along w/ black and orange containers filled w/ orange curls (orange for tradition) and popcorn. Our drink of choice is apple cider to complete our meal. We leave the fire pit glowing as all the trick or treats come. We have our candy dish by our fog machine along w/ spooky music playing. Our yard and porch is decorated w/ many seasonal deco. On Halloween night we add our cobwebs and a new decoration each year! BOO!!

  4. Tammy says:

    Oh Halloween night we have chilli in the crockpot and apple cider. That way when everybody is getting ready they can grab a bite to eat before heading out. The evening is filled with taking pictures, lighting the pumpkins, getting the candy out of the bags and into a plastic black kettle. If the weather is nice, we move the firepit from the backyard to the front driveway. We sit in chairs by the warm fire handing out candy. If anybody needs to sit down, they can. Halloween is not the only time we celebrate, as family we have Sunday dinner together (inside usually).

  5. tammy says:

    Halloween night we have chilli in the crockpot and apple cider. Everybody is busy getting ready putting on costumes, taking pictures, lighting the pumpkins. Our dinner is ready when they are. We move the firepit from the back to the front driveway to hand out candy. We can see everybody.

  6. Marcia Goss says:

    I want to come to dinner at your house! Having lights hanging in my living room, these ideas are great. Sometimes I would hang ornaments from the lights, but this has given me more great thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Linda says:

    Hi Eileen, As always everything in your home looks great. On Halloween night we always order out pizza. My son usually has friends come over and eat with us. They then head out to trick or treat ….I sit on the porch handing out treats.

  8. Lois says:

    Every Halloween we put out the strobe light and scary music for the trick-or-treaters (besides the other Halloween decorations). While the kids are out trick or treating I gather all the candles in the house and light the living room and dining room with just candle light. Then I set a spooky table with a Halloween treat and either hot or cold apple cider and wait for the kids to come home. They love the candle light!

  9. Jamie Bresee says:

    For dinner every Halloween, we do something quick (sandwiches or take out) so that the kids have time to get dressed up, and to put face paint on (if any), and then we take them trick or treating before it gets too late.

  10. Homepage says:

    … [Trackback]…

    […] Read More: theseasonalhome.com/2013/10/16/3-chandelier-ideas-for-fall-halloween-thanksgiving/ […]…

  11. sandy black says:

    I love your decorations!!!!! I too go all out for the holidays. Fall being my most favorite season. I have a question, where in the world does everyone find those faux crows?!!! I live in Terre Haute, IN and have yet to find them. And never seen them in the “dollar” stores. Please help me out!! Thank you

    • Eileen says:

      Hi Sandy,
      Thanks so much for your nice compliment! 🙂 It’s so nice to meet another happy holiday decorator and I love Fall too.
      To answer your question… I always find my black crows at the Dollar Tree, Party City or Craft stores (I saw you have a Hobby Lobby in town & a Michaels in Bloomington). And if they don’t have crows in yet, check their websites. Most of them are spotlighting Fall right now, but Halloween will show up on their websites & in their stores very soon.
      Happy Hunting & Enjoy the Creativity! ♥ Eileen

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