My Re-purposed Valentine’s Day
Written by on Monday, January 20th, 2014

[In this post, I reference some of my other ideas (from other CATEGORIES) on my website.  CLICK on the “idea name” to open a new window to check out that idea also!]

This year… my decor was created mostly by re-purposing what I already have.

I came up with an idea that recycled, re-purposed and can be displayed in planters, on the front door or in a garden.

The first items I re-used were my planters.

Honestly…. I should call them Chameleon containers because that’s how versatile they are!

Here’s just a few looks I’ve created (in the past) using them:


I’ve painted them almost every color and thought about painting them white for this new look ,

but decided to keep them black to allow their contents to shine.

So, with that decided, it’s time to make the decoration – a CONVERSATION HEART TOPIARY!

STEP 1:  Use leftover scraps (from previous designs) to create something new!

I am not a fan of sending leftover decorating scraps to the landfill, so I often hold on to them for future projects –

within reason, of course.. no hoarding (LOL).

This project re-purposed all of my leftover styrofoam scraps from the bunnies

I made & used in the planter in 2012 (above) and for my 2013 Easter yard.

s_ears cutout

Once I noticed the point in the center of this scrap piece of styrofoam,

my mind saw the bottom point of a heart (yes.. this happens quite often! LOL) and that’s where this idea began.

If you don’t have styrofoam leftovers, purchase a new piece of styrofoam (typical size: 1-7/8″ thick x 11-7/8″ wide x 35-7/8″ long)

and don’t forget your 40% – 50% off coupon before heading to the craft store.

To create a pattern, trace around (heart-shaped) decorations you already have or

free-hand draw 3 HEART patterns onto the styrofoam.

Create graduated sizes.

My hearts are:  5″, 8″ & 10″ wide and I used 2 decorations I had to create 2 of the sizes and free-hand drew the larger one.

(enlarge photo to see larger heart also)

s_heart pattern

Cut-out all 3 hearts and use a scrap piece of styrofoam (as sandpaper) to gently smooth the outside edge of your hearts.

s)cut heart

HELPFUL HINT:  I use my thin-blade, frosting spatula to cut through styrofoam because it cuts easily without being dangerous.


Repeat the process above if you plan to create 2 CONVERSATION HEART TOPIARIES.

STEP 2:  Re-purposing a previous design idea!

During the holiday season, I created unique PERSONALIZED CHRISTMAS SUBWAY ART,

which gave me the idea to turn these hearts into CONVERSATION HEARTS.

Using a ruler and self-adhesive alphabet stickers, I created a Valentine message on the 3 hearts…

s_3 hearts_with alpha

Then, using Design Master (brand), I spray painted each heart a different pastel color, painting right over the Valentine message also.

HELPFUL HINT:  Design Master is the only brand I have found that does not “melt” styrofoam.

s_3 hearts_painted over

Once they are dry, removing the self-adhesive letters leaves you with a CONVERSATION HEART message…

s_3 hearts_letters removed

HELPFUL HINT:  If your lettering doesn’t have a clean edge, use a small brush & white craft paint to fill in & neaten things up.

STEP 3:  Connect the pieces!

To create a topiary out of the 3 pieces, use thin metal rods or wooden dowel rods (check your local hardware or DIY store for these),

inserting one between each piece (of styrofoam), and exiting the bottom center heart (for placement).

[See photo below for placement visual]

metal rods

s_hearts connect_b and a

STEP 4:  Create smaller accent hearts

To create this design, I did purchase a couple of inexpensive things.

The first was a 99-cent heart-shaped cookie cutter at Michael’s Crafts and

using their 50% off coupon, I also purchased a thinner (1″) sheet of styrofoam ($4.50), out of which I cut 24 – 3″ hearts.

Here’s how the process went:

s_small hearts_process

HELPFUL HINT:  placing a clear plate over the cookie cutter & pushing down on it will provide you with even distribution for faster cutting of the styrofoam.

Again, use a scrap piece of styrofoam to file the heart edges smooth.

Then, to match the CONVERSATION HEART TOPIARY, I painted 8 of them pink, 8 green & 8 lavender…

s_mini hearts painted

These are the lavender ones!

STEP 5: Time to put it all together….

Place a circle of styrofoam that fits the center of your planter (inside the planter) to create an area for inserting or attaching decorations.

As you can see by all the holes in mine, I have re-used it several times! 😉

After I did this, I placed both of my CONVERSATION HEART TOPIARIES in the center of each planter.

s_heart topiary in styrofoam

I inserted 6″ lengths of heavy-gauge floral wire into each mini heart and placed them in the center circle of styrofoam…

s_mini heart n wire     s_heart_pin

The only other items I purchased were two 6′ baby’s breath garlands (Joann’s, etc. Craft store – on BOGO – $12) and

using u-shaped floral pins, I added one garland to each planter to fill in between the mini hearts…


HELPFUL HINT:  use either a low-melt hot glue gun or heavy-gauge floral wire and u-shaped floral picks to help you secure decorations:

attachment tools

STEP 6:  Re-purposing an old Valentine decoration

I’ve used my red, glittery cupid twins to decorate for several previous seasons…

s_valentine cupid duo

… and this year, I realized that if I flipped them over,

I’d gain double-duty by painting their (non-glittered) backside white and the heart pink… adding a little clear glitter to that.

I removed the red wire and added a lavender ribbon & bow for hanging on The Seasonal Home’s front door…s_cupids on door

Check out how my Re-purposed & Re-cycled Valentine’s Day decorations look, all-together.

By re-using decorations and ideas plus leftovers (from previous projects), all I spent was $15 to create this look.

And just imagine greeting family, friends, neighbors & visitors with sentiments like these… so nice!

s_full 2

s_rocker 2


AND… if you prefer to make only 1 of these CONVERSATION HEART TOPIARIES, here are two more display ideas:


Yes… they’re pretty weatherproof!


Secure directly onto a nail or attach to ribbon for hanging




  1. Patty Lyda says:

    SUPER FANTASTIC!! How creative and unique! Love this

  2. Marcia Goss says:

    I just love the hearts I could see a bunch on these at the bottom of my mailbox on the porch to greet the mailman (he’s a cutie LOL)

  3. Joanne Kennedy says:

    I love these ideas. Nothing better then getting to reus some of the stuff you already have. I just don’t know how you keep coming up with such great ideas.

  4. Linda Duca says:

    Love the ideas! Since my porch is enclosed, I’m going to do this on my fireplace. Going out tomorrow and buying the Styrofoam and get started!! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas!

  5. Lisa Wekenborg says:

    I love it, I am so glad the world has all you crafty people out there!! Thanks for the information!

  6. Diane (from Indiana) says:

    You’ve done it again, Eileen!! You just keep coming up with more great ideas every season!! Don’t know how you do it, but, I’m glad you do! Going out to get Styrofoam in the morning!!

  7. Kathy Brown says:

    Great idea!

  8. Wanda says:

    That is a Great Ideal Eileen! I do love your ideals that you share with all of us, and keep your wonderful ideals coming, can not wait to see what you will do for Easter!I am always happy when I come to your web site.

  9. linda says:

    LOVE the hearts! Another simple great idea!

  10. Betty Jankun says:

    I am having fun with the small bales of hay I got from Michaels. They were out for Halloween and Thanksgiving and then wrapped them and used the mesh ribbon for bows. For Valentine since the ribbon is red I am adding some hearts. having fun and can’t wait to see what I think of for Easter. Nice not worry about storing for a year.

  11. Celeste Yodice says:

    I learned so much from you, Eileen. You are one smart cookie!

  12. DeAnna says:

    I started this project today, I love it!! One quick question, what do you use to weight down your urns? I have tried sand and rocks but then it is to heavy for me to bring into the house to work on. Thanks!!

    • Eileen says:

      Hi DeAnna! 🙂 I don’t weight mine down… they seem to be heavy enough because they’ve never tipped over. However, if I did need to weight them down, I would probably use sand, a couple of bricks or maybe a little plaster of paris because you’re right… rocks could get pretty heavy.

      • DeAnna says:

        Thank you! Mine are still a work in progress. My hearts look a little “wonky”, so I think I am going to have do over! hahaha Have a great day, I love your blog!

  13. mary anne says:

    I am so excited to have found you on pinterest. I hope to make your Valentine topiary. Thank you for the inspiration and tutorials.

  14. sarah says:

    These are wonderful. Thank you for xharing. Heading to my Hobby lobby tonight.

  15. Wanda says:

    Oh My Gosh Eileen
    I have got to make these beautiful hearts for Valentines Day this is waaaay to cute and i love them. Thanks for your wonderful ideals!

  16. Alison says:

    Absolutely Amazing and you make it look so easy with your instructions and pictures. Cant wait to go shopping so I can get started !!!

  17. Patti R. says:

    Love the idea of repurposing items, I’m all about saving.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Great idea!!!

  19. Tricia says:

    Well..I just stumbled across your blog while cruising pinterest and holyyyyyy molyyyyyy – I’m in love haha!! The decorations on this page are incredible! It’s so fun and cheery looking – my 3 year old would go nuts for all the decorations! You should start an Etsy page!!! (or do you have on lol??)

    • Eileen says:

      Thanks Tricia! I don’t have an Etsy account right now, but I may switch over to that soon. Please subscribe to my posts so you’ll be notified if I do and in the meantime, Enjoy the Creativity! Eileen

  20. Debbi says:

    Very Cute, making these for my kids and my own deck for Valentines. Thanks for sharing

    • Eileen says:

      That’s awesome Debbi! I hope you will share a photo of your creativity on my Facebook Community Page. 🙂 Enjoy the Creativity! Eileen

  21. Claudia says:

    You have made my day !! I love conversation hearts and peeps !! THANKS !!

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  23. Tamara says:

    If you hold the spray paint can away from the styrofoam 30cm you wont melt it. You can also apply Elmer’s glue to the face of your styrofoam to protect it and allow it to dry before spray painting. Saves you from buying expensive spray paint!
    Anyway, your idea is cute!

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  28. Barb Green says:

    Love Love Love the Valentine topiary! Can’t wait to get started on mine. All your ideas are amazing!

  29. Tonja says:

    I love this idea!! I am working on mine now. I hope it turns out as great as yours. I couldn’t find that brand of spray paint so I am using acrylics and just using a sponge brush. Working like a charm so far!

  30. Kim says:

    I was wondering where you got your pots on your porch. I really like those. Beautiful decorations too!

    • Eileen says:

      Hi Kim, I found them at Target, but I’ve also seen similar ones at craft stores & discount home stores like Old Time Pottery for a reasonable price. Happy Hunting! ♥ Eileen

  31. Alissa says:

    I always look for creative ideas on how to decorate or to switch things up. When I came upon yours it was so inspiring, thanks a bunch…
    You are very kind to Share

  32. Margaret Usher says:

    I happened across your website by accident, as I was searching for decoration ideas for our Ladies Valentine Dinner. It is gorgeous, I love it. I will surely try these. God bless you as you bless other.

  33. Tiffany says:

    I just ran across your site and I love it!!! I’m going to give the hearts a go but I’m trying to locate the design master ‘colortool’ brand of spraypaint…I can only find it on ebay but I noticed that Joanns and Michaels both carry the design master ‘tint it’ brand. Would this work as well? Thanks!

    • Eileen says:

      Hi Tiffany, I just found your comment in the spam folder (sorry), but hope you found the full strength Design Master paint for your project. I don’t think the “tint it” would be colorful enough. If you’re having trouble locating the full strength paint, contact Design Master for a list of your local shopping resources. I’m surprised Michael’s didn’t have the full strength version. Thanks, Eileen

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  35. Shon says:

    I’m finding the foam hard to cut with the cookie cuter, I have put a plate over the cutter. Any other suggestions?

    Thank you

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