Art from the Heart (Gift Idea!)
Written by on Monday, February 3rd, 2014

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I came up with a way to recycle one of my ideas from last

Christmas (Personalized Christmas Subway Art) to help my son create a very special & meaningful gift for his Fiance’… Jessica.

Luckily, he really liked the idea and thought Jessica would too, so the project was on!

STEP ONE – Create your background design

Before we got together to create his gift, I asked him to write a list of words that represented his love journey with Jessica –

words that would become the message behind his “Art from the Heart”.

We began by purchasing a 20″ x 20″ square canvas.  And by the way,

I’ve checked the ads of 3 craft store chains (Michael’s, Joann’s & Hobby Lobby)

and each of them has art canvas on sale this week.

We also picked up a large (15″) felt heart from the Dollar Tree to use as a pattern for the background design –

a large heart (in the center of the canvas).

s_heart pattern_2

STEP TWO – Layout your Message

As I did in the Christmas Subway Art, we used self-adhesive, removable alphabet & design stickers to fill the heart graphic with my son’s list of words that represent their love journey together over the last 3+ years.

HELPFUL HINTS:  Use a ruler and removable tape (we used painter’s tape) to help you create straight lines within your design graphic, while adding your stickers.

If your design or alphabet stickers won’t stay down, you may want to try using a re-positionable tacky spray

to keep them in place temporarily.

s_layout 1

Once your first line of verbiage is measured out, continue to use your ruler, move the tape and the rest will line up perfectly.


HELPFUL HINT:  Fill your entire background graphic as close to the edge as possible.

s_layout 3

STEP THREE – Painting time!

Once your background graphic is filled, it’s time to spray paint the entire canvas.

HELPFUL HINTS:  Please be sure you do this outside or in a VERY well ventilated area.

I also recommend using a face mask for extra protection.

Now that you see the paint color my son chose, you know why we used a yellow marker to (originally) draw his background (heart) graphic.

s_painted canvas

Once the paint is completely dry, you can remove the stickers and touch up any areas you feel need it.

We didn’t use the re-positionable tacky spray and after removing the stickers discovered the yellow paint did slightly bleed under a few things, BUT….

my son really liked the look it created, so we left it as is and only touched up their (established) date, and…

s_stickers removed

used painter’s tape to mark off an edge stripe…

s_add gray stripe

After painting the stripe, my son also chose a few things (within the design) to paint light gray.

s_gray dots

I hung his completed “Art from the Heart” above The Seasonal Home mantle so you can check out the finished project…

I think it turned out really nice and can’t wait for him to gift his sweetheart this Valentine’s Day!

s_completed canvas3

I’m excited that this totally in love couple will be tying the knot this year and am sure that every time they look at this

“Art from the Heart” project, it will serve as a reminder of their love.

By the way, this would also make a great gift to create for a wedding, anniversary or new baby gift too!

{If you use it as a baby gift, consider a teddy bear, rattle, baby bootie, etc. shape as a background graphic.}





  1. Joanne Kennedy says:

    This is beautiful! I love it and it would be a lovely gift to give someone getting married or for an anniversary.

  2. This is so creative and your tutorial makes it so easy to do!

    I host a weekly link party called Seasonal Sundays. The link opens at 7 pm EST on Saturday. I’d love to have you link up.

    – The Tablescaper

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