Broiled Buffalo Chicken Croissant Melt w/a Veg Sidekick
Written by on Saturday, February 15th, 2014

s_take home buffalo sauce

This recipe is the end result of a leftover condiment from one of my favorite (cheat) restaurants… Wing Stop.

Okay, a couple of times a year, I just HAVE to eat a few chicken wings!

When I do, I cheat the calories a little by ordering them plain, with mild sauce “on the side”

and take the leftover sauce home to enjoy it again with this yummy (and healthier) recipe.


Chicken Tenderloins


Mozzarella Cheese

Olive Oil

Spice Seasoning

s_chicken tenderloins in pkg

FIRST, I pick up organic chicken tenderloins at the grocery store.

They’re a little pricey, but I need less than a pound to make 3-4 sandwiches.

Then, I head to their bakery for 4 single croissants (vs. a pre-packed box of 6 or more).

And if I don’t have a little Mozzarella Cheese leftover in my frig, I pick up a small package of that too.

Approximate Total Cost: $10

SECOND, after washing & patting dry the chicken tenderloins, I season them with Montreal Chicken Seasoning.

I place a couple of tablespoons of olive oil into a saute pan along with a little chopped garlic & onion.

Once the onion & garlic are cooked down (over low heat), I turn the heat up to medium high and

add the seasoned tenderloins, sauteing them on each side for apx. 2-1/2 minutes.

Before removing them from the pan, I always cut into the center of each tenderloin to be sure there is no pink and they are cooked thoroughly.

HELPFUL HINT:  If you need to cook them a little longer, turn the heat down to simmer and add a lid to keep the chicken from drying out.

s_chicken_cooked_before cutting

After they’re cooked, I remove them from the pan to cool a little before cutting them into small, bite-size pieces.

s_chicken_cooked_before sauce

THIRD, I place the chicken pieces back into the saute pan and add my leftover buffalo sauce (apx. 2 ounces).

s_chicken_cooked_before_in sauce

Once the sauce is melted & mixed into the chicken pieces, it’s time to make the croissant sandwiches!

s_chicken_cooked_in sauce

FOURTH, I cover my cookie sheet with a sheet of tin foil, for easy clean up.

Then, I cut each croissant (lengthwise through the center), place them on the cookie sheet (open face),

brush the inside (of each) with a small amount of olive oil and place it under the oven broiler for apx. 1-1/2 minutes.

I remove them from the oven, add some of the buffalo chicken pieces to one side

(leaving most of the high calorie buffalo sauce behind in the pan),

top those with a sprinkling of Mozzarella Cheese

and place the open-face sandwiches back under the broiler, until golden brown & a little crispy, being careful not to let anything burn.

sandwich_open_under broiler

Here’s how they should look, after broiling…

s_sanwiches_open_after broiler

Finally, I close the open face sandwiches and put them back under the broiler for another minute, to lightly crisp the top also.

s_sandwich_closed_under broiler

And for another splash of flavor, sometimes I add a light drizzle of a blue cheese yogurt salad dressing (inside the sandwich) just before serving.


While I’m cooking my sandwiches, I’m also sauteing fresh, chopped garlic and sweet onion in 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

s_garlic_chopped     onion_cut

Then, it’s time to check my frig for any leftover veggies and this time, I found a zucchini and some grape tomatoes,

which I cut into bite size pieces and added to the olive oil and sautéed onion & garlic, along with a little seasoning.

s_veggies in pan

After the vegetables have simmered for a few minutes and are soft enough to eat (make sure you can easily push a fork into them),

they’re ready to enjoy as a healthy & delicious side dish!

veggies_cooked 1

Before serving, however, I topped them off with a small amount of Parmesan cheese,

mixed with a sprinkling of bread crumbs to warm up their flavor.

Even though it’s around 230 calories, I use a croissant because I love the taste of its sweetness

against the tartness of the buffalo sauce AND how the sauce lightly saturates the crevices inside.

But, because the chicken is skinless, only “lightly” marinated in less than 2 ounces of buffalo sauce, topped off with low-cal cheese

and served with a sidekick of fresh, sauteed vegetables, the calorie count is actually not too bad.

I’m not a nutritionist, but based on some quick research, I believe the whole meal comes out to around 500 calories.

Either way, it all tasted FAB-U-LOUS and is my new comfort food! 🙂

Most bakeries offer “mini” croissants too.

Using those instead would create Buffalo Croissant sliders, saving you even more calories!

s_final plate





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