Pastel meets Bright in 2 Spring Bunny Lanterns
Written by on Monday, March 24th, 2014


I recently purchased two adorable (Raz) hydrangea bunnies and thought they would look really cute nestled inside lanterns.

Luckily, I found two perfectly-sized lanterns at Home Goods, one of them being on clearance… yay!

s_lantern_sale price

All that was ‘wrong’ with the discounted lantern is that it was missing a glass panel & a couple of tiny hinge screws.

Lucky for me, I was planning on removing the lantern’s glass anyway to make it safer for outdoor display,

and simply borrowed a couple of  screws from less obvious areas of the lantern….problems fixed! 🙂

Decorated lanterns look fabulous on tabletops, a fireplace hearth or mantel

(I always re-use my decorations so you’ll see them again in Christmas 2014),

but I had a more unique idea in mind for Spring… to make them the centerpiece atop my 2 trusty, outdoor planters.

I keep circles of round styrofoam inside my planters year round, as they make a wonderful supportive base

for anything I’d like to place on top for the season.

The styrofoam circles are also great for adding additional decorations, around the perimeter of whatever I set on top,

and because I was decorating with bunnies, I began by adding artificial lettuce leaves.

 If you can’t find individual leaves, check your local craft store (or on line) for an artificial head of lettuce

(I found this one at Hobby Lobby), which you can cut individual leaves from

(don’t forget your discount coupon, to save money!)

s_hobby lobby lettuce head

STEP ONE:  Set the lantern in the center of the styrofoam base.

Using metal, U-shaped, floral pins, add the lettuce leaves around the outside edge of the styrofoam.

s_lettuce install 1

s_lettuce install_closeup

STEP TWO:  Cut faux gras into rectangular (apx. 1″ wide) strips. Faux grass typically comes in square-shaped grids, so you’ll need to grab some scissors to cut it into the necessary strips.

IMG_9189      grass_back

s_grass cut

Again using the floral picks, add the strips around the perimeter of the lantern.

s_lettuce & grass install_closeup

STEP THREE: Use Easter grass to disguise the mechanics of your design and provide a grassy home for your bunny

s_grass inside_closeup

STEP FOUR:  Again, using the floral picks, add a contrasting, neutral decoration to all the greenery.

I chose to use faux white baby’s breath:

s_babys breath install_closeup     s_babys breath install

STEP FIVE:  Add flowers by pushing their stem directly into the styrofoam, between the grass & lettuce leaves.

Space them out around your lantern and don’t forget to put some closer to the lantern and others closer to the edge of the planter for interest.

Add a bow to the handle atop the lantern, and wrap one or two ribbons around the base of the planter to tie it all together

(found this cute spring plaid ribbon at Sam’s Wholesale Club this year).

I could have added all pastel or all bright flowers, but decided to mix the two for a nice change.

Don’t you think the pastel pink goes great with the bright orange & pinks?

s_bunny_closeup 7

s_ribbon 1

With both of my planters finished, it was time to head outside & decorate The Seasonal Home’s front porch…


I began by adding more veggies to my front door!

In lieu of a wreath, I hung another welcoming, white bunny and a batch of bowed, faux carrots.

{Faux carrots are available in most craft stores & I just tied several together – with floral wire – before adding the bow}

s_carrots 7

Next, I placed my decorated planters on each side of the front door to complete my Spring-y welcome…

s_front door_full 1

I couldn’t forget to decorate my front porch bench for the season,

so that received some veggie-themed decorations and a cute stone bunny too…

meet Mr. Hoppity! 🙂

s_bench_full 3

s_hoppity bunny_closeup

A small amount of a gummy, office (tack-it) product is all it takes to keep bunny ears on this little, stone bird

(his bunny ears were borrowed from an M & M candy container… LOL)

s_bird_closeup 1

s_bird_closeup 4

Don’t forget to consider taking down your outdoor wall decorations,

to replace them with something that compliments your seasonal decorations

(this pretty SPRING banner came from Michael’s Craft Store, this year).


And here are a few more photo angles, so you can enjoy all the details of this SPRING fun!

s_lanterns_view left

These decorated lanterns would also be gorgeous in a foyer or as a kitchen/dining room table centerpiece!

Make it even easier for yourself by placing your decorated lantern in the center of a pre-decorated, Spring wreath.

s_bunny_closeup_side view

s_planters_view rt_closeup

s_distance 2




  1. Celeste Yodice says:

    Gorgeous! You are so clever and your designs get better and better.

    • Eileen says:

      Awe, thank you Celeste! That means a lot to me coming from you because you’ve been a reader for a long time. I’m glad to know my love for seasonal design is evolving. ♥

  2. Donna Lendach says:

    I absolutely LOVE what you’ve done on your porch! It such a welcoming display. As always, Eileen, thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Pamela says:

    GORGEOUS! Love it! Happy Easter!

  4. Cookie17 says:

    Oh my goodness what a beautiful porch setting,Soooo pretty one best crafters on here Thanks’ made ole lady smile….

  5. Kathy Brown says:

    I love this idea! Hope you don’t mind if I use it on my front porch.

    • Eileen says:

      Hi Kathy and thanks! 🙂 And yes, please do copy it. If you find time, share a photo… I’d love to see it! ♥

  6. Pat Bennett says:

    I love your style—you are so talented and made your front porch look absolutely beautiful—

  7. Mary Ingram says:


    This is nothing but Genius !!!!! Beautiful.


  8. Horte says:

    Very beautiful, Eileen, you’re inspiring all of us.
    Happy easter

  9. Mary Lockler says:

    Oooo, I love this! Thank you for sharing your talent.

  10. Becky Davis says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful spring deco.
    Your friend from Northside Crafters Mall Alb. NC


    • Eileen says:

      You’re very welcome Becky and I hope things are going well for you up in Alb, NC! I will try to get by there again soon. 🙂

  11. Eileen, what a beautiful decoration!! You are genius!! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy spring and Happy Easter!!

  12. Blake Bickerstaff says:

    I get to see these in person and they are stunning & adorable! Great job Mom, as always! 😀

  13. Babs says:

    I absolutely LOVE it all! I found you while looking for Easter/Spring ideas on Pinterest. Love, Love the bright colors and the bunnies in the lanterns. So creative.

  14. Laura Marec says:

    You are so creative, Eileen, and your ideas are so unique! I love the way everything comes together so artistically! I hope you have a very blessed Easter! I love the idea of the little ears on the birdie! So cute! Where did you find the gorgeous Hoppity? I just love him! Thank you for sharing your colorful ideas!

    • Eileen says:

      Thanks so much for your nice comments Laura!♥ I found Hoppity in ROSS for only $17.99 and by the way, BONUS: he’s pretty lightweight, so happy hunting (for Hoppity) and I hope you have a very blessed Easter too! Happy Spring, Eileen

  15. linda says:

    Eileen, As always everything looks gorgeous.

  16. Mavis says:

    Beautiful porch! Where did you find your bunnies. They are gorgeous and I’ve never seen any like those.

    • Eileen says:

      Thanks so much Mavis. I found my sweet (RAZ) white hydrangea bunnies at a family-owned shop in Florida. They do ship, but don’t have a website with the merchandise on it because it sells out so quickly. If you want to call them to see if they still have them in stock… it’s called “The Stable Home Decor” and here’s their Facebook page: Good luck and Happy Easter, Eileen

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  18. gloria says:

    waooo. So beautiful,elegant and simple. i could not get enough; i kept going back and forth looking at it. i don’t have a web but i admire all the creative ideas i see on the web. please keep posting beautiful ideas. you decor is a great blessing to expectations like me. God bless

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  20. Wanda Flowers says:

    I love your beautiful ideal with the white lantern with the way to cute bunny inside, and how you show us how to decorate the planters with all the beautiful colors of Spring. so beautiful to see, i always come here on your website for your gorgeous ideal Mrs. Eileen! and always will! keep them coming, i do love all you have shown us in your gorgeous decoration.

    • Eileen says:

      Thank you so much Wanda. You are such a thoughtful & kind person to leave me nice comments… I appreciate that so much! 😊 Eileen

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