“HOPPY” Spring Mantel (& Art) Idea
Written by on Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

To begin, I purchased all of the supplies needed for this project at national store chains

(Hobby Lobby, Michael’s Crafts, Sam’s Club & Party City),

so if you like this idea, it should be relatively easy to gather what you need.

I absolutely love holiday art, but it’s often hard to find what I like (in stores) so,

once again, I created it myself AND its super simple to do!

First, I created a large, bunny pattern for this new art project.

I taped together two white poster boards, drew a large bunny on them and then, cut it out.

I leaned the finished product against one of my kitchen counters to give you an idea of how big it is (34″ tall x 21″ wide):

s_bunny pattern

At Hobby Lobby, I purchased a HUGE  40″ tall x 30″ wide white canvas (originally$29.99)

for only $17.99 after using one of their 40% off coupons.

s_canvas 2

I looped several pieces of (easy-to-remove) painter’s tape and lined the edge of the bunny pattern (on the backside)

to hold it in place on the canvas for the next step.

{Looping the tape makes it sticky on both sides.  I tried both short & long pieces & they both took the same amount of time.}

s_bunny pattern_tape     s_bunny pattern_tape_closeup

I flipped the pattern over and temporarily adhered it to the center of the canvas, positioning it 3″ from the bottom.

I left this 3″ gap because the bottom of the finished bunny will be resting on a bed of faux grass (details below).

IMG_9275     s_bunny pattern_center mark     s_bunny pattern_on canvas

Outside, in a well-ventilated area and using a protective face mask & gloves,

I painted over the entire canvas with a pretty blue sky color: KRYLON’s Island Splash (in a matte finish)

s_canvas_ready to paint     s_bunny on canvas_painted

I didn’t worry too much about creating a perfect paint job because

I knew a little white showing would just look like clouds on a beautiful Spring day!

And here’s how the silhouette looked after I peeled off the (easy to remove) bunny pattern.

s_bunny pattern_removed

Now that my art is ready, it’s time to head back inside to place it on my mantel and finish decorating it for Spring & Easter.

But first…. would you like to meet my art assistant?

She’s a very HoPpY, black puppy bunny ~ 18-month old Lilly Grace! ha ha


Along the top of my mantel, I began by adding 2 heights of faux green grass (2″ & 4″ tall).

{Most craft stores carry various styles & heights in squares of faux green grass}

easter_grass     s_grass

I cut the 4″ squares of faux grass into rectangular strips to create a taller, back row on the mantel

s_grass cut

s_bunny canvas_with grass

which left just enough space for the full-size (10″) squares of the 2″ tall faux grass in front of it.

s_grass height difference

Doing this creates depth.

Using dots of hot glue from my low-temperature glue gun, I added a few extra touches to my new holiday art:

a length of folded ribbon (from Sam’s Club) and a bow to the bunny’s neck,

a 2nd coordinated ribbon around the edge of the mantel, and

a BIG yellow daisy made the perfect bunny tail.

Then, I leaned the art against the wall, behind the grass.

Next, I added one of my favorite Easter “finds” this year – bright yard eggs (Party City’s 5-piece set, only $8.99) –

by tucking them into the faux squares of green grass.


This egg set is sold as an outdoor decoration

(wouldn’t they be a great inexpensive replacement for those HUGE plastic yard eggs if you’re having trouble finding them),

but you know that I love to change things up!

{HELPFUL “DECORATING” HINT: create the “unexpected” by using decorations in unique ways & places}

By the way, if the eggs won’t stand on their own, when you tuck them into the grass,

lean them against a smaller, hidden object or

with dots of hot glue from a low-temperature glue gun, down in the faux grass.

The finishing touch was a lucky find… a perfectly coordinated S-P-R-I-N-G banner (Michael’s Crafts).

Check out the cheery, finished look…

I hope this design inspires you to try your hand at creating some holiday art of your own

and to use a decoration in an “unexpected” way!




P.S. #1 – Leave your COMMENT to be entered into our PEEP-themed CONTEST!  I’ll post the prize photo tomorrow and it ends on Friday, April 4th, 2014 at midnight EST.

P.S. #2 –   My bunny pattern is too large to download, so it would have to be printed.  If you’d like to have me add my bunny pattern to my SHOP, please email me. 🙂


  1. DeAnna W. says:

    SO CUTE!!!! I love it, I love the puppy bunny most of all!

  2. Nancy says:

    As usual, Eileen, I am trying to figure out where in my house, without a fireplace mantle, I could use this. It is adorable! I am going to start putting my spring/Easter decorations out tomorrow and can’t wait to display my styrofoam bunnies! Thanks for all the ideas that your share with us!

    • Eileen says:

      This idea would be great on a foyer or buffet table too. And get ready for compliments, Nancy, once your bunnies go up! 😉 LOL Happy Spring! Eileen

  3. Marcia Goss says:

    I can’t believe Easter is almost here. Finally, we are getting some warm weather, just right to put some Easter goodies in the yard. Love those eggs, they are very cute. So we better get “hoppin” and make some for the grandson’s yard. Always love your ideas.

  4. Suzy Voigt says:

    Nothing better than bunnies and puppies!! Love this!

  5. Brenda Price says:

    So cute and crafty! I love it all! Black “bunny” too! Thanks for sharing your creations!

  6. Betty Robinson says:

    Always enjoy you creative posts!

  7. Lis Wekenborg says:

    Love it! I get such great ideas from you!

  8. Dodi Emmons says:

    This the cutest mantle decoration I have ever seen. It will look great in any home. Thanks for your inspiring ideas all year long

  9. Maria Jones says:

    Love all the ideas!! Great website!!

  10. Christa Hoffman says:

    I think this is adorable

  11. Kimberly Smith says:

    I’m in love with this mantel! Such a great concept!! As usual, you come up with the most creative ideas!

  12. Luann Sanders says:

    I really like how you painted your own bunny. I am constantly making my own decorations because I too can’t find what I have in mind. Thanks for all your ideas.

  13. Cheryl Shaffer says:

    I so love you website and ideas. You step by step instructions makes it easier to see how they are made. LOVE your mantel!! I have my brain churning with ideas on how do my long table under the tv.

  14. Bonnie says:

    Love, love, love your ideas. This is adorable.

  15. Patty Lyda says:

    Great ideas – as always!

  16. linda says:

    Love it!!

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