Spring Brunch for 2
Written by on Thursday, April 10th, 2014

After a long, busy holiday season… Spring re-hydrates my spirit!

Our weather is spectacular for a few weeks,

trees are greening, flowers are blooming, birds are busy making nests

and the Monarch Caterpillars are out & about.

{Important Info} →Recently, I was surprised to read how low the Monarch butterfly population has become,

so I’m trying to help out by planting Milkweed (plants).

Check out the funny, little guy I photographed already snacking on them in The Seasonal Home garden…


Another nice Spring thing I enjoy is having “Brunch” outside, in the back yard.

You don’t need a special occasion or even, a lot of people to enjoy this Spring ritual.

So, if your weather has finally warmed up, invite your significant other, BFF, favorite neighbor or relative to join you,

or simply wrap it around a meeting, and head outside.

And I’ll help with some fun ideas for your Spring Brunch for 2 (or more!)


It’s such an extra special touch to “fancy” things up a little first.

Pull out a pretty tablecloth or just use regular (un-sewn) fabric to cover one of your outdoor tables.

And if you have a pergola, gazebo or even a nearby tree,

grab your Spring wreath too and hang it up!

I recycled one from a previous Easter…


and attached it to my old farmhouse window (underneath my pergola) using a length of ribbon…


Have I ever mentioned that I paid less than $200 for my 13 ft. x 13 ft. pergola?

We all seem to remember to shop after a holiday,

but I also shop after the seasons are over and typically find great items (like my pergola) for 75-90% off.

I never pay full price for outdoor umbrellas either! LOL

Back to decorating… and one of the prettiest thing to decorate with is fresh flowers,

but don’t run to the grocery store or florist;

grab your scissors and walk around your yard….

s_flower cut_2

you’ll be amazed at what you might find to fill a simple glass, BALL jar with.

And if you don’t have any flowers blooming, just gather different textures of greenery.

Add an extra touch by wrapping twine around the jar neck, finishing it with a bow.

s_vase_closeup 2

And don’t forget to also gather any herbs you’re growing to add,

like this parsley….


I love how this arrangement turned out!

s_flowers_full vase

SPRING is also the perfect weather to tackle small projects…

especially ones that will create a more beautiful space for your brunch!

Last weekend, I walked past this pile of old bricks for the 5,000th time.


It wasn’t serving any purpose other than creating a lizard hunting ground for our pup.

But finally, I had a light bulb moment and even though it wasn’t on the weekend’s “To Do” list,

I decided to use them to make a small patio under my pergola!

Surely, 56 bricks would make a HUGE patio, right?

Uhhhhhhhhh, NO – it only made a 3′ x 4′ brick medallion… ugh. 🙁

Not to be defeated though, I looked around and realized that

I also had some old, square, concrete pavers, wasting away underneath several pots in my garden.

{note:  those things weigh a TON and carrying them definitely qualifies as a workout!}

So, I added those too and in a couple of days (with no previous experience), I created a patio.

If I can do it, you can too, so give it a try!

I’m super happy that it worked out

because it’s the perfect place for my son & his fiance’ to stand

while reciting their vows at their upcoming wedding –

an old-fashioned back yard one… at The Seasonal Home.


Full disclosure:  I had to buy 2 more pavers and 9 more bricks, plus some sand,

to complete the patio, but $25 isn’t bad for a patio!


Most grocery stores make great chicken salad, so I usually choose it, but

you can also consider egg, ham or tuna salad.

s_chicken salad_add ins

One reason I typically choose chicken salad is because I enjoy adding in extras like

grapes, walnuts, blueberries, pineapple, etc.

all of which take the salad flavor to the next level.

You COULD place the salad on croissants, or in small bowls,

but I have an “edible” container idea for you.

Pick up a yellow pepper (1 pepper for every 2 people at your brunch) at the store,

cut it in half, clean out the pulp inners (a scientific term) and cut a zig-zag or chevron pattern around the top of each half.

s_pepper details

Hard boil and peel an egg (1 egg for every 2 people at your brunch) and cut it in half, lengthwise…

s_egg details

To each egg half, add 2 black peppercorns and a 1/2″ piece of carrot shred, cut in half

s_carrot sticks_uncut n cut

to create 2 eyes and the beak of a little Spring chick…


Scoop some of your chicken salad into each yellow pepper half

and place an egg chick in each, standing up… kinda looks like he just popped out of his yellow egg shell.

s_chicken salad_closeup

And I think it’s important to support up & coming artisans,

so I purchased some adorable, frosted bunny cookies,

made by a local stay-at-home Mom, for dessert… they are YUMMY!


And I tucked my napkin & utensils into these adorable bunny holders, also crafted locally….

s_peep silverware holder 3

that also make nice gift card holders, in a pinch (Easter gift??)

s_peep silverware holder_gc

{note: I convinced this local crafter to place her cute bunny holders in my SHOP

and they’ll be there through Easter}

Here’s how all the brunch pieces ‘n parts looked,

when they came together.

s_eggs and peeps



s_peeps and eggs 2

s_table_closeup_side angle

s_table_side closeup



If you’d like to add a little soft music,

that would be great, but also consider letting Mother Nature set the ambiance for you

by placing a tabletop fountain into an old bird bath

(to recycle them both)

creating some of nature’s music…

the sound of trickling water.


Miss Lilly Grace and I hope these ideas inspire you to head outside, to enjoy a brunch out in the fresh Spring air.

But, I recommend avoiding the bushes or you might just end up with a leaf on your nose too!







  1. Horte says:

    Beautiful garden Eileen and great ideas, but this time let me tell you, that with your fotos you really make me feel how you let nature be in your creations, I’m your fan, love theseasonalhome.com

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